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Housing association Hyde Group s modern methods of construction' framework agreement.

Contract Awarded for Housing association Hyde Group s modern methods of construction' framework agreement.

Contract Award Date : Oct 2015

Hyde is committed to building 6,100 homes over the next five years. Of these, up to 750 will be built using offsite construction and prefabricated structures and building components.

The prefab framework deal is expected to be work Au100m in total over the next four years.

Earlier this year Hyde Group contributed to a Housing Forum report into what is often called modern methods of construction or MMC. The report More homes through manufacture aspired to dispel misconceptions and advance the debate on how offsite manufacture can move into the mainstream housing .

Hyde business development director David Gannicott said at the time: We believe that modern methods of construction, in the form of modular or offsite building, has the scope to reduce build costs and improve quality standards. Given the shortage of skilled labour, especially in London and the southeast, we are keen to work with contractors adopting MMC. In schemes for the rented sector this method can provide an efficient and cost effective way of working.

Hyde has five categories to classify an MMC construction system

Off-site manufactured volumetric Three-dimensional units produced in a factory, fully fitted out before being transported to site and stacked onto prepared foundations to form dwellings.

Off-site manufactured panellised-flat panel units built in a factory and transported to site for assembly into a three-dimensional structure or to fit within an existing structure.

Off-site manufactured hybrid-volumetric units integrated with panellised systems.

Off-site manufactured sub-assemblies and components larger components that can be incorporated into either conventionally built or MMC dwellings.

Non-off-site manufactured MMC Innovative methods of construction used on-site and the use of conventional components in an innovative way.



Contractor address : 1.LAING O'ROURKE

Bridge Place 1 & 2

Anchor Boulevard

Crossways Dartford Kent


Country :United Kingdom

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 28, 2015
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