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Housework dodgers risk a clean break.

Byline: Shari

THIS week's research study from the University of Gie's Peace claims that doing housework can add three years to a woman's life but it has no effect on a bloke's longevity whatsoever.

I have conducted my own in-depth survey (yep, phoned my pals).

And I can confirm that while we do not have the scientific evidence to disprove this theory, we can firmly establish that while domestic chores may not have any effect on the male lifespan, avoidance of the Dyson, the duster or the dishwasher will have very definite consequences for his relationship status.

? IN THE interests of journalistic integrity and full disclosure, I will concede that the following snippet is seeped in jealousy. I'm not proud.

Liz Hurley has been flashing the flesh across the media to promote her swimwear range.

Sigh. Right, Liz, we get it. You're 51, gorgeous and if I had a body like that, I too would post daily selfies in a tankini. Alas, we all know that kind of beauty costs more than a stretchy one-piece from her latest collection.

This is a woman who has lived on a rigid diet for several decades, at one point confessing to viewing six raisins as a treat.

So while I'm loath to pay out more than PS150 for one of her cossies, if she ever manages to bottle her selfdiscipline and willpower, this curvy columnist in her floaty kaftan will be first in the queue.


WILLPOWER Secret of Liz's swimwear success

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 27, 2016
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