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House plants that work for you.

Days when we draped our living spaces in house-plant foliage have given way to the era of focal-point plants, as carefully chosen and sometimes as expensive-as furniture or art.

Here are ways three Western homeowners enlisted plants to serve architectural functions. The potted fern sits in a cachepot bolted to the top of a pedestal constructed of 3/4-inch plywood; L-brackets were screwed inside the pedestal and through the carpet into the floor.

Under an entry skylight, a drip-irrigated well holds plants that resemble a balustrade between levels (lower right). Below, container style and color make the plants a functional part of the decor.

For other ideas, consult House Plants (Sunset Publishing Corporation, Menlo Park, Calif., 1990; $7.95).
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Title Annotation:Inside the Western Home
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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