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House of Habib.

Starting with 1st Muslim Bank in pre-partition India in 1941 the name Habib has come to be identified with integrity - integrity of purpose, sound dealing and dynamism of business acumen and management. Diversifying from the field of finance, today it is amongst the foremost industrial groups of Pakistan. Its activities encompass widely divergent fields - paper, jute goods, ceramic tiles, hollow blocks, foundry products, heavy machinery etc. In every sphere the Group has shown the pioneering spirit of its forebears, every industry set up by the Group has been a pioneering effort, and has created new landmarks in the industrial expansion in Pakistan. The following pages provide a brief glimpse of its industrial ventures and their products.

Agriauto Industries Limited

Agriauto was incorporated in 1981. It is a joint-venture with Al-Futtaim Industries (Pvt.) Limited (Dubai) and Minwalla Family. As one of the leading automotive components manufacturer in the private sector in Pakistan, the company has manifold future expansion programmes. Its present manpower strength is over 500 persons. Technical collaboration with leading International companies added to the Company's technical versatility.

The Company's products include: Shock Absorbers and Struts manufactured in technical collaboration of Maremont Corporation, USA. Camshafts manufactured in technical collaboration with Zephyr Cams, UK. Hydraulic Lift Covers fitted on Agricultural Tractors are manufactured in technical collaboration of Hems Hydraulic - Turkey. Steering Boxes - Recirculating ball type Steering Gears manufactured in technical collaboration with Turk Tractor - Turkey. In addition, Agriauto also manufactures Engine Valves, Sleeves, Gaskets and Transmission parts. Agriauto components enjoy wide acceptance in the industry. As certain components are safety critical, the Company directs intense application to design verification, quality assurance and product validation.

AuVitronics Limited

AuVitronics Limited was incorporated in 1982 and has been listed on the Stock Exchanges from June 1991. AuVitronics is Pakistan's largest manufacturer of Audio and Video Cassettes. All components are manufactured, processes and/or assembled in-house. The Company employs over 500 persons, including 175 female workers in its various manufacturing sections. Having achieved the position of market leader domestically, the Company's brand-name "AVT" is now being introduced in the export market. A small but effective beginning to this end was made in 1990. Plans for further expansion and integration are underway.

Baluchistan Laminates

Established as a Division of Pakistan Papersack Corporation Limited in 1979, the Company introduced High Pressure Decorative Plastic Laminates production in Pakistan under the trade name of "Formite". The product has competed successfully in quality with imports from Japan, Italy and other world sources. The Company has the largest and most complete manufacturing facilities of its kind in Pakistan, manufacturing a wide range of surfacing decorative materials including High Pressure Decorative Plastic Laminates and Melamine faced Particle Boards and Hardboards.

Besides decorative laminates, the unit also produces industrial laminates for diverse applications in various industries. Melamine brand paper based electrical insulation sheets for use in Capital Goods Industry are being produced in internationally recognized grades in Pakistan, only by Baluchistan Laminates. Fibrite brand fabric based sheets for various mechanical and electrical end use in textile, capital goods, tobacco, fan, jute, aerospace etc. industries are also being manufactured. Baluchistan Laminates has 131 full time employees and is presently in its twelfth year of operation.

The philosophy of product diversification has been the hallmark of Baluchistan Laminates; From laminated chipboard to industrial laminates. The emphasis is upon catering to the needs of the country in an ever changing environment as well as to promote these non-traditional products in the export market. This philosophy has not only kept the unit profitable but also progressive in its offering, both horizontally and vertically.

Balochistan Concrete & Blocks

Baluchistan Concrete & Blocks Limited was formed in 1981 to introduce modern concepts of automated production of concrete elements for construction. The Company has capability of manufacturing concrete elements such as, Prestressed concrete poles, Double Tee Sections, Tee Beams Sections, Hallow-core slabs, Folded Plate roof system, Precast Pannel, Beams, Columns, Lintels, etc. The factory is equipped with full automatic machinery and modern techniques are employed to ensure that the end product conforms to the highest international standard of quality. Additionally, the Company offers a comprehensive design and advisory service to all sectors of the building industry including housing projects and interior decoration. The Company has a team of highly educated professionals majority of whom have post-graduate qualifications.

Diners Club Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited

Diners Club Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited has been playing an important role in providing credit card facilities throughout Pakistan to both its local members as well as foreigners visiting Pakistan since its introduction in the year 1969. Affiliated with Diners Club International, United States, Diners Club is a source of earning foreign exchange for Pakistan by giving service to International Cardholders. Keeping in view the liberal government policy to encourage investment in foreign currency, Diners Club Pakistan is planning to expand the scope of its business activity by issuing International Credit Cards.

Dyno Pakistan Ltd.

Do Pakistan Limited was formed in 1982 as a joint venture with Dyno Industries A.S., a Multi-national Group from Norway. The company was set up to produce formaldehyde and formaldehyde based resins for Particle Board, Plywood and Laminate Industries. This was the first unit of its type to be set up in Pakistan and still remains the largest of its kind.

In 1985, DYNO entered the field of Aminoplast Moulding Compound. A Plant of 1500 tons/annum capacity based on the latest Swiss technology was commissioned in 1986. The venture was highly successful and the product made a strong impact in the development of the down stream market by making the raw material available at a reasonable cost. Another plant of 1800 tons/annum capacity for manufacturing special grade of Aminoplast came into production in 1988. DYNO are now setting up a plant to manufacture 4000 tons/year of Aminoplast. With the availability of 4000 tons of Moulding Compound, DYNO will be able to meet the total requirements of the country with some quantity left over for exports. DYNO are continuing research and development in producing moulding compound of different colours and quality so that they are ready to meet the exacting demands of the future market.

Filtrona Pakistan Limited

Filtrona Pakistan Limited, a project in collaboration with Filtrona International of the United Kingdom, is a part of the Filtrona chain of industries in important countries of the world. This project was established in Pakistan in 1984 and its air-conditioned plant located at Hub was the first independent and most modern unit of its kind manufacturing mono-acetate, cellulose paper and dual filter rods for the cigarette industry.

The plant is manned b a staff of 65 people of which the key personnel have been specifically trained at the Filtrona factories in the UK. Filtrona Pakistan, besides meeting the domestic requirements, is also active in the international market being the only exporter of filters designed and manufactured to suit the local needs of the end-users in Middle East, Far East and South-east Asian countries.

Indus Motor Company Limited

Incorporated in 1989, Indus Motor Company Limited has been established as a joint venture with Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation Japan. The project scope includes the development, progressive manufacturing and marketing of Toyota range of vehicles. Marketing operations commenced in July 1990. This includes setting up a countrywide network of Toyota dealerships under the 3S concept (Sales, Service & Spares) to ensure customer satisfaction. Construction of the manufacturing facility in underway with expected completion in early 1993. The project promises to ensure the transfer of technology and to further develop the vendor industry. This will contribute to Pakistan's industrialisation and employment opportunities.

Noble Computer Services

(Pvt) Ltd

Noble Computer Services is a large and successful As/400 software company in Pakistan. The company achieves its objectives by combining in-house software development with partnerships with leading international hardware and software companies. The company has a proven track record for client service to an extremely strong customer base. Equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art hardware and software, the company reflects the spirit and dynamism of the ever expanding computer world. Focus on training and research, combined with strong technical capabilities and exiting standards has made Noble the software house with the leading edge in computer technology

Pakistan Jute & Synthetics

Pakistan Jute & Synthetics Limited was set up in 1976 to augment the country's requirements of jute goods with an installed capacity of 10,000 M. Tons. The plant consists of 4,000 spindles with necessary yarn preparatory machinery and 150 looms with necessary finishing and bag sewing machines. The Mill went into commercial production from July 1, 1978 and has since then been contributing its share in the national development by providing the much needed packing material for the transportation and storage of wheat, export of cotton and rice. It provides employment opportunities to as many as 1500 persons and add over Rs. 200 million to the GNP. This was the first mill which made use of local looms and other machinery upto the extent of 35 per cent in jute industry. The main products of the company are sacking, hessian, twine and yarn. As the raw jute fibre used for the manufacture of jute goods is mainly imported from Bangladesh and China, efforts are being made to grow raw jute locally.

Pakistan Papersack Corporation

Pakistan Papersack Corporation was incorporated in 1973. It established itself as a pioneering industry for meeting the packaging requirements of the cement and other industries. The company which initially introduced 6 piles sewn papersacks for packing of cement, established its Research and Development Cell for improving its product - the papersacks and to cut its costs. Developments in papersacks have resulted in huge savings which were ultimate passed on to the customers. The company is now experimenting to introduce 2 ply 90/100 gr./m2 paper bags which will further reduce the packing cost of the cement factories. In its efforts to diversify the uses of papersacks, the company successfully introduced this packaging together with the specially designed bag filling machine in the Wheat Flour industry also.

Despite severe competition from International suppliers the company, not only increased the production of sack to meet the entire demand of the Pakistan market, but also helped the country's economy by import substitution. The company also entered the export market in the Middle East particularly Iran earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.

The company's performance has been recognised both at national and international levels by several organisations. The company has thus been recipient of the best Performance Award of the Karachi Stock Exchange from 1978 to 1981 and 1983 when it has been included in the list of top 25 companies of the country. At the international level, the company was awarded Gold Mercury International Award in 1982. This was followed up by the Corporate Excellence Award the period 1979 to 1983 given to it by the Management Association of Pakistan in March 1984.

Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Ltd.

Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics was set up in 1980 in technical collaboration with M/s. Agrob GmbH, West Germany. Spread over an area of 13 acres, the factory has a modern automatic plant with an annual production capacity of 1 million meter square of tiles. High standards of quality are maintained throughout production and all products conform to European Standards. The Company produces double fired high gloss tiles for bath-rooms and kitchens and has recently introduced large size Floor Tiles for domestic flooring. Shabbir Tiles have been the pioneers of tile industry in Pakistan and continue to be the leaders in this business.

Thal Jute Mills

Thal Jute Mills Limited is a Public Limited Company incorporated in 1966. The Mill is located in Muzaffargarh - D.G. Khan Division sited in an area of 180 acres with a constructed area of over 400,000 Sq. ft. with all the required infrastructure including self generation of power. Employing over 4000 people, it produces 16,500 tons of Jute Goods in form of Hessian, Sacking Twine and Jute Felt etc. per year. A large number of workforce is accommodated within the mill area in workers colonies built by the company. The Company is looking into diversification in other fields keeping in mind the strong infrastructure, the area and the potential of the Company.
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