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Eve Bunting and Sergio Ruzzier's HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW BLUE SOCKS? (9780547752679, $16.99) tells of poor duck, who can't find his new blue socks. Where are they? The rollicking rhyme which evolves as Duck asks all his friends assumes a Dr. Seuss-like feel as two-liner inquiries of various animals result in four lines of whimsical rhyming response. Kids and parents will appreciate the read-aloud opportunities - and the surprising conclusion to the search! Tammi Sauer and Michael slack's NUGGET & FANG (9780547852850, $16.99) tells of good fish friends - or is Nugget learning too much in minnow school about his best friend Fang. Fang IS a shark, and does have sharp teeth and a big appetite - but will he come to consider Nugget a tasty meal? Can sharks and minnows really be friends? A warm story of school and exploration evolves. Lori Mortensen's COWPOKE CLYDE AND DIRTY DAWG (9780547239934, $16.99) receives fun illustrations by Michael Allen Austin as it tells of Cowpoke Clyde, whose house is clean, chores done, and is happy - until he spies Dawg, caked with mud and misery. Clyde decides to clean Dawg - but Dawg escapes and involves the entire ranch in a chase. A fun tale of escape and adventure evolves for any young reader interested in Western adventure. Helen Lester's HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TACKY! (9780547912288, $16.99) receives fun drawings by Lynn Munsinger, who brings to life the story of a little penguin's special day. It's taken weeks to plan the perfect surprise birthday party for friend Tacky the Penguin and everything's perfect: what could go wrong? But as planning disintegrates, it takes Tacky himself to save the day in yet another whimsical and fun penguin story for readers with basic reading skills and especially for those with a prior interest in Tacky's adventures. All are fine picks for any picturebook collection.

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Title Annotation:The Picturebook Shelf
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Date:Jul 1, 2013
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