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m win in P a NOT matter how you view it, Scotland's Poland maintained the feel-good factor around Gordon Strachan's side.

Brown's There were calls of praise after Scott stunning strike sealed a welcome 1-0 friendly victory in Warsaw. Forbes, Glasgow, said: "I have never optimistic about a Scotland team and Strachan has the side believing in itself. David Marshall was superb and his saves gave us a to win the game."

Brian felt as o Stracha Marshal platform C have the somewh FLETCHER " Iain Cummings, Stepps, said: "Scotlandlook of a side that is now going somewhere and it's a huge boost to get Darren back into the squad.

spirit an "We're not the most talented side but we have and organisation, which can carry us far." " Kevin McQuade, New Stevenston, said: "I'dpay tribute to the job Mark McGhee is doing within the Scotland squad. He is a master games and has been working behind the scenes to build morale."

" Graham Collins, Glasgow, said: "It was delightful to see us win against Poland, and thanks to the Daily Record for your free servicethough the first-half connection was poor. Well done to Scott Brown for a terrific goal."

like to pa wi at mind scen Graha delightf t even tho don Tam W the Reco Poland it wa ev Peter Worthing, Sussex, said: "Thanks to Record for allowing me to watch Scotland beat Poland. The second-half stream was great was a case of better late than never." Not everyone was pleased.

" Fletcher spitting Kryant, Maddiston, said: "Am I the only one appalled at the thought of Steven being picked to represent Scotland? "His repugnant actions in London when over the back of a young man trying to earn an honest buck were a complete disgrace. rather we never reached the Euro finals than have this man represent us."

"I'd ra hav Barr " Barra Stevens, Edinburgh, said: "I can' understand why Billy Stark is in charge of our Under-21 side as he has done nothing."

to domestic matters.

Ian Loudon, Dunfermline, said: "I've been watching Rangers for more than 50 years and have been through some torrid times but this is unquestionably the worst football I have ever seen from them.

underst 2 Now t Lo watchin bee unquest fro "At pr b oppositi Rath present we are doing little more than getting by as a result of the poor quality of opposition we face every week.

"Rather than cause more unrest and incite more fan trouble I suspect the present board are keeping Ally McCoist until things settle and then he'll be shown the door." Fergus McCann was also up for discussion.

keep down an Fergu Jude Birney, Glasgow, said: "The fans I w primaril stood with on the terraces booed McCann primarily because of the money he took out of the club when he left and made a big profit. "All Celtic supporters know not to make a profit from each other, this includes selling a spare ticket for above face value, right up to the acquisition of the club."

Ce fro tic acqu " Record Sport's Michael Gannon upset a caller with his column criticising talk of Celtic makingto England.

a move t Ja was out Ian Jackson, East Kilbride, said: "Gannon of order with his comments and he needs to take a look at himself. I'm not happy with him at all." And finally.

fi Stan Keevins 12,000 f SE were all Regan, Corby, said: "I read Hugh Keevins' comments on the fact there were fans paying to see the Ricky Burns fight at the SECC. Well the answer is simple, they there for the bevvy."

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QUOTE OF THE DAY 'Rather than cause more unrest I suspect the Ibrox board are keeping McCoist until things settle down and then he'll be shown the door' Q u bo unt
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Date:Mar 7, 2014
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