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Hotel thief dressed as waiter.

VIGILANT staff at the hotel hosting the Beatles Convention pursued a handbag thief who dressed up as a waiter to steal from tourists.

A man in his 30s was seen kicking down the door of a room at the city centre Adelphi Hotel.

But the duty manager and three chefs made a citizens arrest and held the man until police arrived to take him away for questioning.

Manageress Eileen Downey said: "One of my duty managers saw the man kicking down a guest's door on the fourth floor and leaving with a handbag and a camera.

"She tried to apprehend him but he ran down to the basement with her following him.

"Three chefs helped hold the man, who was struggling and swearing, until the police came. Every year we get people using the Mathew Street Festival to target tourists.

"Many guests are from overseas and they are taken as easy targets.

"This year I have spent pounds 5,000 on security employing guards 24/7 and ensuring all staff are on the look-out for thieves.

"We are determined that people see the best side of the city and it is awful that people try and take advantage."

A man was last night being questioned by Merseyside police.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 30, 2004
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