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Hot-tub resin bonds well to ABS. (Keeping up with Composites).

New HyCryl C515 polyester from AOC, Collierville, Tenn., reportedly bonds to formed ABS sheet as strongly as standard polyesters adhere to traditional acrylic liners for spas. Some spa manufacturers are switching from acrylic to ABS because of its higher strength and toughness, but typical polyesters do not adhere as strongly to ABS. As a result, some spa makers have used unreinforced urethane for the liner backing, which is more expensive than polyester. Also, urethane requires stricter process control to meet thickness specifications, and its higher exotherm can lead to liner warpage, shrinkage, and delamination, according to AOC sources. HyCryl C515 contains less than 37% styrene.

AOC developed what it considers a more realistic test of liner/laminate bonding. Instead of the usual method of measuring the force to pry the two layers apart, AOC puts specimens cut out of a finished part in an oven. As the thermoplastic liner softens, it tends to "remember" its original shape and tries to shrink back to a flat sheet. If the bond is inadequate, the liner will pull away from the laminate. Tel: (901) 854-2800,
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Comment:Hot-tub resin bonds well to ABS. (Keeping up with Composites).
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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