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Hot-runner components and systems.


Thermoplay hot-runner systems include hot-runner nozzles, manifolds, hot sprues, temperature controllers and complete bolt-on hot sides.

New F series nozzle features patented heater design that uniformly distributes heat to the entire nozzle surface. Heater design and selected materials reduce coefficients of thermal expansion between the different metals, which results in 30% less heat required and allows up to 60% energy savings, and better heat profiles.

Standard single-drop nozzles in three styles: Type-1 nozzles used where gate vestige is critical to appearance, or to minimize stringing or drooling; Type-2 nozzles for viscous materials when gate vestige is not critical, or when gating into a runner; and Type-3 valve gate nozzles for highly cosmetic gates, or when higher flow rates are needed. Also offers multigated nozzles (up to eight gates) and hot-edge gated nozzles.

D series nozzles offer beryllium copper cores for heat transfer with a steel tube through the center for wear resistance, while the KS series offers replaceable tips and faster color changes.

TG series temperature controllers offer individual microprocessor control of each zone and come standard with higher amperage for high-load manifold applications.


Hot-runner controls include mainframe modular single-zone units stand-alone consoles, and free-standing cabinets capable of controlling up to 80+ zones.

Mainframe models include a new RMC series that features Modbus communications and an "all" command that allows any RMC module to serve as the master controller module in a network or within the mainframe. New Zone Pilot software allows remote configuration of RMC modules from Palm handheld PCs.

RMB series features an operator keypad with two LED displays and three discrete LEDs for heat-current, alarm, and manual mode indication. Both models accept J or K thermocouple inputs and are CE-compliant. IMP series controllers offer a dual display and Compu-Step startup in 15- and 30-amp configurations. Also PIM controllers, a portable single-zone version of IMP, are suitable for hot-sprue bushings or single-heater applications. Dual-voltage system series SY can house low and high voltage RMB/ RMC and/or IMP hot-runner controllers in the same mainframe cabinet.

Stand-alone models include HRC-E series multizone hot-runner controllers feature advanced tool wiring diagnostics that can automatically locate wiring faults, which minimizes machine downtime and maintenance. Units have an easy-to-use graphical interface with on-screen help and graphing of historical data. Settings can be made by zone, group, or globally, and stored for later recall.

Series HRC-C hot-runner control cabinets offer control of up 80+ or more zones with a choice of operator interfaces including color LCD or touchscreen control panels capable of being remotely mounted from the cabinet, which provides network and communications capability.


Offers hot-runner components that solve melt imbalances. Company's patented MeltFlipper technology solves unequal filling problems in geometrically "balanced" multicavity molds. It re-establishes symmetrical material properties in a runner system to send polymer of equal temperatures, pressures and viscosities to all mold cavities.

Also has mold debugging software that speeds up startup of multicavity molds by helping to quickly diagnose and solve filling variations and imbalances. Company's 5-Step Process software comes on a CD-ROM for Windows 98 and determines whether a filling problem is caused by steel or shear imbalances. System automates graphing and calculating of imbalances in molds up to 64 cavities. Software features a self-contained database of at least 19 different mold layout styles and generates a report in less than 5 sec. System cannot pinpoint the exact cause of a steel imbalance but will suggest possible causes such as gate size, venting, wall thickness and runner style.


Hot-runner temperature controls from one to 48 zones. Units available in 15 amps with microprocessor control, soft-start and communications. Discrete temperature controls available in sizes from 1/16 to 1/4; DIN. Features include PID autotune, fuzzy logic control and NEMA 4X front panels.


Hot-runner systems use proprietary components, including valve-gate, hot-tip, hot-edge-gate, and special custom styles in single-face and stack-mold configurations. Available as complete mold-base assemblies or bolt-on hot-half assemblies, fully assembled and tested.


Economical hot-runner temperature-control systems feature MTCS-1 control switch, which provides four different temperature setpoints for each zone. User can change back and forth between the four stored set-points, which is useful for start-up, color changes, purging, and maintenance.

Systems have four to 72 zones. Control modules in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-amp versions can be mixed in the control cabinet according to mold-heater requirements. Each PID module accepts five different setpoints: process temperature, high/low alarms, manual power, and acceptable ground-fault (GFI) limits. When ground faults are detected, appropriate action (such as forced bake) is taken automatically. When TC breaks occur, system automatically switches to manual operation at a predetermined rate of power. Boost feature (100%), bake and standby heat are standard.

Optional KIM Module hand-held programming device plugs into any control cabinet and can be removed at any time. Any setpoints can be changed and "locked out" as well as bake time and PID parameters.

Control modules now come with optional amp readout and display.


Runnerless molding systems and components:

* The Cool One (internally heated runnerless components and systems). Melt-flow channels around heated distributor tubes provide self-insulating system, reportedly using up to 75% less energy than conventional hot runners. Single- and multilevel designs. Several probe styles for different materials or cavitation.

* The Hot One (externally heated hot-manifold systems). Nozzles, heaters, riser pads, spacer rings, etc. Three nozzle sizes and different tip styles provide a multitude of combinations to meet a wide range of material flows and part cosmetics. GateMate nozzles also provide a self-insulating layer of material in gate area. Osco multigate nozzles provide from two to eight injection points in one compact design.

* Osco hydraulically actuated single and multiple valve-gate systems have positive, independent gate shut-off. Full-body, bodiless, or pin-gate styles. External adjustment simplifies mold construction.

* Smart Series temperature controls for runnerless molds include a variety of frame and module sizes and styles for a broad range of applications. Frames accommodate one to 48 zones in 15- and 30-amp capacities. Low-voltage systems also available for molds requiting 240-v control for manifold heaters and 24-v control for nozzle drops. Control modules are microprocessor-based with multifunctional digital displays. SSM and DSS modules feature digital display of setpoint and process temperature, auto/ manual mode selection, and heater-dry-out function automatically actuated during start-up. CSS modules provide same features along with built-in ammeter, and in conjunction with CIM module, the ability to be remotely controlled and monitored from a PC.

Mainframes are self-contained, requiring no external relays or contactors, and offered with or without communications capability.


From Heatlock AB a range of bolt-on hot-halves and Platform-30 nozzles that are said to give excellent heat distribution for easier startups. Flow channels up to 6 mm permit shot weights to 350 g with commodity resins. Max. diam. of 30 mm is suited to tighter pitch applications. Hot tip configuration available.


Solution thermal spike valve torpedoes with on/off tip control are described as electronic runnerless valve gating. Also has Solution series runnerless bushings and torpedoes.


Complete range of runnerless molding technology featuring both internally and externally heated systems, incorporating torpedo, multitip and valve gate nozzle technology. Internally heated systems employ patented resistive steel heating rods impervious to burnout and are designed to handle a full range of materials including highly glass-and mineral-filled, and high-temperature resins. Nozzle tip temperature control eliminates troublesome mold start-ups. Product range accommodates applications ranging from very small shot weight to shot weights in excess of 8 kg.

Full range of hot-runner control products for low 5v and conventional 230v systems. Controllers feature LCD backlit operator display unit, which shows temperature, output, alarm conditions, control mode and more on a single display. Optional computer interface provides remote downloading of recipes.

HPSIII MH and MV 240V multitip nozzles for hot-sprue or manifold systems in conventional or edge-gate configuration. HPS C temperature controller for up to 36 zones in 240v or dual-voltage output featuring adaptive tuning for each zone. Also available is a self-contained, in-line valve gate with nozzle and drive in one package that mounts in front of the manifold.

Offers a drop-in system that is pre-assembled, pre-wired, pre-plumbed and tested. System is designed to replace bolt-on systems for automotive applications.


Manufactures hot-runner systems and temperature controllers.

Integrally heated, flow-through design bushings: Elite series SV and LV bushings can process commodity and engineering-grade resins. Heat profile of Elite series bushing provides maximum heat transfer for superior flow. Swaged heating element is contamination resistant because of integral-heat construction of bushings. Available in various lengths and a selection of head and tip styles. Sprue bushing is also available with various heads, lengths, and diameters.

Close-pitch mini-manifold systems: Precision series bushings with internal flow and external heat are suitable for processing temperature-sensitive resins. Available for direct-feed and manifold applications, their small size allows greater flexibility in design and application. With a removable heater shield Precision bushings allow the advantage of an in-press replaceable heating element and thermocouple.

Micropoint hot-runner nozzle has a special alloy tip construction, which allows for the Micropoint to process engineering and glass-filled resins without deteriorating the tip. The nozzle design allows for easy service, low residence time of the resin, accurate volume shot size, and consistent heat profile.

Symphony 2000 series hot-runner control system is a PC-based control system capable of supervising up to 96 zones. Features include touch-screen access, simple displays, and plain-language instructions; and a decision support system, 24-hr continuous history, "field" interchangeable 15- and 30-amp modules, and optional Digi-Mold ID electronic storage device placed inside the mold's junction box, which allows for saving current set-up parameters with each particular mold.


Supplies its Plagate line of spring-loaded valve-gate systems. Also makes manifold systems, hot drops for multi-cavity molds, and hot sprue bushings for single-cavity molds.


Temperature-control systems for hot-runner injection molders. Also produces temperature-control and tool fault detection systems. Technology available in a variety of temperature controllers that can accommodate any budget.


Manufactures advanced technology hot-runner systems specifically for processing engineered materials for automotive, medical and electronics markets. Specializes in micro molding, two-shot, valve-gated and insert molding systems. Direct gating of engineered materials with part weights as little as 0.02 g.

Mighty Tight micro-molding nozzles with pitch centers as little as 7 mm can be valve gated to 9 mm pitch centers. Units feature "no cold slug" edge gated nozzles for medical and automotive applications and mold up to four parts per nozzle with exceptional cosmetics and imperceptible vestige.

Valve-gate systems feature "Gate Guardian" valve pin guide inserts, which is an extension of the nozzle tip and is the actual gate in the tool that eliminates all wear in the tool. Nozzle inserts can be easily replaced upon wear. Valve pins are adjustable in the hot half.


Offers standard off-the-shelf manifolds as well as fully customized manifolds and complete hot halves tailored to customer applications. Also complete line of nozzles and tips from small parts to large commodity materials to engineered grade materials.


Supplies hot-runner systems, as well as pressure transducers and temperature controllers.


Hot-runner systems from single-cavity units to 96-cavity, single-face and 2 x 64 cavity stack systems for part weights from 0.1 gm to 15 kg. Complete hot halves can be supplied assembled with prehardened stainless-steel plates and interface mounting holes for the cavity plate. Hot half can be attached to the cavity plate and the system started up. Systems fully wired to multipin connectors and electrically tested. Pronto hot-runner systems with delivery in four weeks and mold bases for quick delivery.

Hot-runner temperature controllers from single-zone to 128-zone units require no tuning and are highly responsive to shear heat and other process disturbances, thereby minimizing temperature cycling. Potential cycle-time reductions can be achieved by accurately maintaining setpoint temperature without risk of gate freeze-off.

Hot-runner sequential valve gate controllers for molding parts requiring individual gate control during the filling process.


Complete hot-runner systems and controls, unitized manifold systems, integrated hot-runner systems, and Screen Pac material filters.


Information on hot-runner systems from several Italian producers.


Full service hot-runner solutions range from engineering and design, hot-runner specifications, complete hot half manufacturing, service, support and training. Hot-runner nozzles are suitable for small-part applications and can be used as hot sprue bushings or together with manifolds as multidrop applications and also available as valve-gate designs.

Company supplies Heitec hot-runner systems, MCS and Feller engineering temperature control systems ranging from 1-240 zones with touchscreen monitor.


Supplies valve-gated hot-runner systems as well as complete hot halves and temperature controllers.


Comprehensive line of custom engineered, high-performance hot-runner products from single hot-tip nozzles to close pitch, high-cavitation valve gate hot halves. New x nozzles provide superior performance for both commodity and engineering grade resins for parts less than 5 g up to 1500-plus g. Advanced nozzle design offers interchangeable tip and gate configurations to accommodate most gating requirements. All manifolds are fully balanced to ensure even fill from cavity to cavity. MX nozzles for use in close pitch, high-cavitation applications and in hot halves where in-press service is required. BX nozzles for lower cavitation applications offer high performance but at a reduced cost for budget-restricted tooling programs. SX single nozzles with two-heating zone design offer startups and processing control performance for single-nozzle applications. Designed for all resins, units achieve superior results, even with more difficult materials such as PC, PBT and glass-filled PA.


Standard and special runnerless molding systems and components include hot halves, valve-gate systems fully assembled, bolt-on systems prewired and tested, integrally heated probes, hot-sprue bushings/nozzles, two-stage nozzle filters, thermocouples, and hot-runner temperature controllers.


Offers Rheo-Pro series hot-runner systems. Also produces high-cavitation turnkey hot halves, a prewired valve-gate system, nozzle components and custom-engineered hot-runner systems.


Offers shut-off nozzle tip that converts any replaceable-tip nozzle into a shut-off. Also rolling out new nozzle insulation wrap.


Altanium small footprint hot-runner temperature control system can support from one to 384 zones. Unique modular control units can be free-standing, mounted on mold, or mounted alongside, behind, or even inside the injection molding machine.

Altanium CM compact hot-runner temperature control system fits snugly onto the mold junction box, leaving enough space for robots, optronics and hoses, and eliminating the need for expensive power and thermocouple cables. Units can control from six to 12 zones.


Standard or custom-engineered hot-runner systems from single-cavity prototypes to high-production multicavity tools in 208-240 v or 24 v to process thermoplastics in any shot size. Stack-mold hot-runner systems feature valve-to-valve feeder mechanisms for no material leaks at the first parting line.

Patented metallurgical fusion of heater element provides fast, isothermal temperature distribution and long-term heater reliability. Each system is naturally balanced with open-pipeline, unrestricted runners for repeatable cavity-to-cavity consistency, even with difficult-to-process engineering grades. All gating techniques, including hot-tip, multitip, valve-gate (hydraulic and pneumatic), sprue, and edge gates.

Also minimum-pressure-loss filter nozzles, directly heated machine nozzles, and water-cooled gate inserts for use with company's nozzles to maximize gate-area cooling and shorten cycles:

Single- or multizone microprocessor-based hot-runner temperature controllers sold individually or with systems. Complete hot-half packages include hot-runner system, manifold plates, and temperature controller, delivered fully assembled, completely wired, and electrically tested.


Pre-engineered, standardized hot-runner systems and components include temperature controllers, torpedoes, sprue bushings, probes, thermocouples, modular and integral manifold system, and patented hot sprue bushings and gating bushings that use standard cartridge heaters but equalize the temperature profile to make it suitable for processing engineering resins. Manifold systems are individually engineered and are supplied as components or in fully assembled hot halves.

Temperature controllers use patented cooling method, which allows unit to operate without a fan. Dust, contaminating particles, and oil mist are prevented from entering the chassis. Microprocessor temperature controllers include single-zone units in 10, 15, and 30 amps and open- and closed-loop mode. Standard audible alarm and soft-start with optional ground-fault protection. Microprocessor-based multizone mainframe controllers are standardized in 8, 9 or 12 positions and may be stacked and rack mounted to achieve any number of zones. Computer interface allows local or remote setting. Control modules are self-calibrating and self-tuning with adjustable power output.

Ruggedized computer-based multizone control system for up to 120 control zones at 10 or 30 amps self adjusts for optimum running parameters and is capable of automatically correcting operator and wiring errors. System also has total manual control function.


Full spectrum of runnerless molding systems: hot tips to valve gates, multiple gate nozzles to hot sprue bushings, prewired manifolds to complete hot-half systems. Temperature and hydraulic control units are also available.


The cast, one-piece design of the Even-Flow hot-runner systems offers strength and efficient operation. Systems are said to be especially suited to multicavity and large multidrop molds. The round manifolds are said to be leak-proof without use of O-rings. They also reportedly offer 20-40% lower power consumption, smooth flow passages with reduced shear, and ability to be controlled with a single setpoint. The drops on these systems are heated and boast flow paths free of restrictions, resulting in faster start up, cooler operation and energy savings.

Model 851-4 hot-runner temperature control card has automatic internal switching upon detecting a thermocouple reverse condition and an automatic switch to manual mode when an open thermocouple is detected. Unit automatically shuts off when a shorted or miswired thermocouple is found. Also offered is SPI communication capability, warmup cycle, full PID control, automatic/manual control modes, and a high/low temperature alarm indicator that is activated if the temperature is +/- 40 F from setpoint.

Ultra-Flow round hot-runner manifold system has improved heat transfer. New Micro-Manifold designed for small parts has angled drops for complex tools.


Hot-runner temperature controls from one to 96 zones. Units available in 15A or 30A and feature microprocessor control, soft-start and communications. Discrete temperature controls also available in sizes from 1/32 to 1/4 DIN. Features include PID autotune, fuzzy logic control and NEMA 4X front panels.


Runnerless molding systems consist of hot-runner manifolds, heated sprue bushings, multitip nozzles and temperature-control systems.

Heated sprue bushings of six different tip styles in 1.5-, 1- or 0.75-in. diam. Tip styles include pinpoint, full-flow, reverse-taper, and large-shot types. Heated sprue bushings easily retrofitted to existing molds with a gate interface. A new heated sprue bushing features a single heater design.

Hot-runner systems are custom designed. Manifold systems externally heated for precise temperature control. Flow channels, drop lengths, and plate thicknesses sized for each application.

For maximum amount of cavities in as small an area as possible, multitip system allows two to eight drops on each module. Modules can operate in a stand-alone mode or be interfaced to company's hot-manifold system. Multitip system is suitable for high-volume, small-part applications.

Full line of manifold systems with seven different tip styles including valve gating systems. Available as complete hot halves or stand-alone systems.

Complete temperature-control systems to operate runnerless molding systems. Single-and multizone systems feature ground-fault softstart systems, PID output, solid-state digital readouts, and readouts in setpoint or direct thermocouple mode.


Hot-runner system with runnerless design has capabilities for rapid color change and leak-proof operation. Heat-treated components reduce wear. Air-gap insulation and reduced-mass design can save energy. Cartridge, band and cast-aluminum band heaters for uniform, uninterrupted external melt heating.


Supplies hot-runner systems with a "thermal valve gate"--i.e., using a separate, fast-acting tip heater to alternately freeze and melt the material at the tip. Both single- and multi-tip versions are available, as well as conventional mechanical valve gates, controllers, manifolds, and bolt-on hot halves.


Hot-runner systems in standard and custom designs include balanced manifold assemblies and a variety of nozzle tip styles. Gating methods include diverted hot tips, sprue gates, valve gates, and edge gates. Systems come assembled, wired, and ready to install. Specializes in converting existing cold-runner molds to hot runners.


Comprehensive line of hot-runner systems, hot sprue bushings, injection machine nozzles, temperature and hydraulic control systems, and process simulation services. Systems available as hot halfs, completely wired, assembled and tested with mold plates and ready for installation and startup. Systems backed with service and onsite technical installation support. After-market components available.

Patented Dynamic Feed technology brings the injection molding process control into the mold with independent process controls at each gate. Package consists of hot-runner system, individual valve actuator assemblies operating flow-control pins, pressure transducers for each nozzle, and a control system to regulate the process. Benefits include increased productivity, improved part quality, reduced time to market, lower tooling costs, and increased machine utilization.

Standard Express hot-runner systems are deliverable within four to five weeks. Options include a variety of manifold shapes and nozzle styles, as well as variable concentric gate locations, properly sized flow bore diameters, and a variety of tip styles to fit applications with shot weights from 0.1 gr to 1500 gr.

SP2100 temperature controller features soft pulse technology for precise continuous flow of power without the on-again/off-again bursts of phase angle firing, thereby reducing stress on heating elements and providing more precise temperature control. Two operator interfaces available: full color graphics, 486-based operator interface; or a small LCD operator interface.


Supplies standard and custom hot-runner components and hot halves, specializing in micro nozzles. Heitec hot-runner system uses 220-240 v heating elements that provide external heating and are thermally insulated from the mold by layers of air. Melt conveying tube in nozzle is made of an alloy with high thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance. Minimum center-to-center spacing of 0.276 in. between individually controlled nozzles. Minimum drop-spacing from 7 mm. Thermal separation of heating elements allows for inside gating through small cores. Valve gate, top- or edge-gate multitip nozzles with a maximum of eight tips placed on a diam. up to 3 in.

Tip extensions now offered on 230 v hot-runner nozzles that are capable of processing high-temperature engineering resins. Typical applications include recessed gate locations and inside gated covers. Tip lengths and shapes can be customized to suit the recess shape. Tips available as screw types for in-press servicing.


Custom-engineered runnerless molding systems and components including fully assembled, wired, and thermally tested Modu-System hot-half plate assemblies; thermodynamically balanced manifolds and gate valves; standard, custom, and single-valve nozzles; and universally compatible modular hot-runner zone mold-temperature controllers. Manifold systems available in three different types of steel and three standard thicknesses engineered to customer specifications. Supplied in standard gun-drilled form with an edgeless design to maximize injection velocity, or self-cleaning for use with difficult plastic formulations such as PVC and PBT. Technical support and applications assistance.
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