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Hot-Spotting: an Australian delivering foreign aid.

Hot-Spotting: an Australian delivering foreign aid By Rod Reeve

Reliving his 25-year journey through the world's hot spots, experienced foreign aid worker Rod Reeve tells a dramatic and complex story of managing international aid projects in some of the most difficult and troubled regions on earth.

Reeve, an Australian scientist, managed aid projects for AusAID, the World Bank and the United Nations, and currently heads Coffey International Development, one of this country's leading aid contractors.


His story is one of courage and humanity in the face of overwhelming odds, going behind the politics and the media sound bytes to interact with local populations, and describing in unflinching detail the perils of living, working and trying to re-build communities in Hussein's Iraq, the opium fields of Pakistan, post-tsunami Aceh, Khmer Rouge-devastated Cambodia and deepest rural China--and that's just for starters.

Accompanied by colour photographs--some reassuring, some confronting--Hot-Spotting gives life to the stories that, if not for the likes of Reeve, would remain untold. (Wakefield Press, RRP $29.95)
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Author:Davis, Jodie
Publication:Habitat Australia
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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