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Hot topics in childbirth.

My thermometer tells me that it is very hot outside, and yet, my calendar says that it's barely summer. During these long, hot summer months, I remember what it was like to be very pregnant. I'd spend the lazy summer months sitting around dreaming about the fall when I'd be wearing my baby on the outside in one of the new fancy slings I'd gotten. I'd keep myself busy updating all of my blogs and Facebook friends about the seemingly trivial details of the last few weeks of pregnancy. That's why some of the topics in this issue will help you reconnect with your students.

There are a lot of "hot" items in this issue of the International Journal of Childbirth Education. April White shares some of her beautiful birth photography and talks about how some childbirth educators are using their intimate knowledge of birth to make art for families. Shalynne Addison shares a bit of information on safe babywearing--a must-have for every childbirth class and doula client! Lissa Szajnbrum provides us with a look at how the advent of the electronic age has really helped birth professionals living outside of the United States. We also have great reviews written by Margery Simchak and Simone Snyder. I hope that you enjoy these and the other articles in this edition. Don't forget to check out the author guidelines--you have a lot to offer!

Be sure that you're signed up to follow us on Twitter (@ICEAOnline) and find us on Facebook ( I've enjoyed meeting some of you at the Twitter parties and look forward to reading your comments on the blog--but more importantly, look for a sign on the meeting board at the conference this fall. I'll be hosting an extracurricular session on writing for the International Journal of Childbirth Education. Come join me to see how you can get involved with this exciting part of ICEA.

--Robin Elise Weiss, IJCE Editor

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Title Annotation:The Editor's Perspective
Author:Weiss, Robin Elise
Publication:International Journal of Childbirth Education
Date:Jun 1, 2010
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