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Hot on the trail of frozen payloads since 1987, Thermotraffic's Peter Kraan marks silver milepost.

Peter Kraan was there at the very beginning, when Thermotraffic Holland BV was established in Rotterdam during 1987 by company founder Heinrich Peter Lots. That was two years before the Japan-headquartered Nichirei Logistics Group in Tokyo bought the business and merged it with Nichirei Holding Holland BV.


After serving as managing director of the Dutch arm of the international freight forwarding service provider for a quarter of a century, Kraan recently retired from the post. But not before a well-attended party in his honor took place to celebrate 25 productive years at the helm.

Now heading up Thermotraffic Holland is Rob Haesakkers. He assumed the position with 22 years of experience in temperature controlled logistics, 11 of which were served as a decision maker within various departments of Thermotraffic Holland.

Haesakkers works closely with Falko Thomas, managing director of Thermotraffic Germany, and Derk van Mackelenbergh, managing director of Eurofrigo BV/Nichirei Holding Holland BV. The Eurofrigo operation encompasses five public refrigerated warehouses--in Rotterdam, Venlo and Roermond--offering clients more than 762,000 cubic meters of space.

Temperature controlled trucking is Thermotraffic's forte, and the company's presence at the Port of Rotterdam and other major harbors makes it especially adept at seaport logistics. That's because sister and partner operations are on the waterfront at multiple locations, stretching from Tilbury and Felixstowe in the United Kingdom, to Le Havre in France, Antwerp in Belgium, and Germany's bustling ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven.


Seaport logistics services run the gamut from import/export clearance, fiscal representation, freight forwarding and booking, to the provision of container trucking for short- and long-distance hauls.

The Thermotraffic Group's multifaceted forwarding services are provided not only to food producers and distributors, but also to makers of pharmaceuticals and other temperature controlled merchandise.

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Comment:Hot on the trail of frozen payloads since 1987, Thermotraffic's Peter Kraan marks silver milepost.(Warehousing World)( Thermotraffic Holland BV )( Nichirei Holding Holland BV)
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