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Hot forging makes better P/M tooling and parts. (News & Analysis).

A new proprietary powder metal (P/M) consolidation process is producing better forged tooling and more cost-saving near-net shape parts made from customized or composite alloys. Secret to the process, says Carpenter Powder Products (CPP), is that full density consolidation of alloys on a Dynaforge hydraulic press occurs more quickly and at higher pressures than in any other commercial P/M consolidation process.

The Carpenter Technology business unit says that manufacturers of automotive parts using CPP's new DM21 nickel-base alloy for hot forged tooling have reported tool life five to twenty times longer than conventional wrought tool steels like H-13 alloy. Dies, punches, and other forging tools for warm or hot forming made from Dynaforged customized alloys are said to have greater strength and hardness than conventional tool steels at elevated temperatures.

DM21, a P/M superalloy developed for use in aerospace turbine disks, has been used by CPP to produce composite alloys in combination with Nimark 300 alloy, for example, and, in another case, 17-4PH alloy. In both cases, the DM21 alloy was used for the working part of the tool and the second alloy for fixturing.

Carpenter's DM21 alloy, other tailored nickel-base alloys, and titanium, made by the Dynaforge process can be used for aerospace parts and medical applications as all materials consolidated by this means have excellent fracture toughness and uniform properties with no segregation. For example, CPP offers titanium and cobalt chromium alloys, mainstay materials for medical prosthetic implants for parts with complex geometries including hollow cavities--again because of their superior uniformity and overall improved quality, says CPP.

Fully dense P/M components can be made from feed stock that is currently available in sizes up to 5" in diameter by 10" long. The product range can be expanded with larger press tooling and/or press size. Shapes from CPP are machinable using carbide or ceramic tools, RAM or wire EDM.

Carpenter Powder Products, Div. Carpenter Technology Corp., 304tp-168 or circle 168
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Comment:Hot forging makes better P/M tooling and parts. (News & Analysis).
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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