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Hot Technology-Based Companies: 313 Qualify In June.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 5, 1999--

Facts Online announced that 313 U.S. technology-based companies qualified as "hot" during June 1999. Of June's 313 companies, 47.7% are privately owned and 53.3% are public. June's companies are headquartered in 31 states. However only 10 states contain about 82% of the headquarters: California (39.3%), Massachusetts (8.2%), New York (8.2%), Washington (4.5%), Texas (4.2%), Georgia (4.2%), Virginia (3.9%), New Jersey (3.6%), Colorado (3.0%) and Illinois (3.0%).

To qualify, companies must have received new investments or made major acquisitions during June. Examples of new investments include venture capital fundings, initial public offerings and private placements during June 1999. Other companies qualify as a result of mergers or acquisitions. In addition, the companies must have national presence or potential. The addresses and telephones of June's selection, and thousands of other hot companies, are listed at the Facts Online web site:

The U.S. companies selected for new investments or acquisitions during June 1999 are:

7th Street.Com, @Home Network, @Outcome, Abbott Laboratories, AccessLan Communications, Accompany, Acxiom, Adauction.Com, ADC Telecommunications, Adept Technology, Advanced Radio Telecom, Advoco.Com, AegiSoft, Allaire, Allegiance Telecom, Alliance Data Systems, ALLTEL, Alpharma, Amazon.Com, America Online, Amplified.Com, Analogic Corporation, Andover.Net, Annuncio Software, AnswerThink Consulting Group, Applied Materials, AppliedTheory, AppNet, Aquis Communications Group, Argonaut Technologies, Ariba, Artesia Technologies, ARTISTdirect, Ask Jeeves, AutoCyte, AvantGo, Banyan WorldWide, Belden, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, Benchmark Electronics, BizBuyer.Com, Blackboard, Bluestone Software, Boca Research, BrandsForLess.Com, Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Broadcom, Brooks Automation, Cadence Design Systems, CardioDynamics International, CareInsite, Careside, CenturyTel, Chain Link Technologies, Charter Communications, Chipshot.Com, Choice One Communications, Chordiant Software, Cisco Systems, Citizens Utilities, Clarent, ClinEffect Systems, Club Photo, CMGI, CMHC Systems, Cobalt Networks, CollegeClub.Com, Commerce One, CommTech, Compaq Computer, COMPS.Com, Compuware, Concentric Network, Concord EFS, Concur Technologies, CopperCom, Corbis, Corixa, CoWare, Coyote Network Systems, CreativePlanet.Com, Critical Path, CyberCash, CyberSource, Cygent, Cygnus, Cytation.Com, Cytogen, Cyveillance, Data Downlink, Data Processing Resources, DATA RACE, DataCore Software, Dauphin Technology, Delphi Information Systems, DEN Digital Entertainment Network, Derivion, Destia Communications, Digital Chef, Digital Island, Discovery Partners, Ditech, DoughNET, DrKoop.Com, E
Group, E-STEEL, EC Direct, Ecutel, EGlobe, Elastic Networks, Emcore,
ESPS, Essential Technologies, EventSource.Com, Exchange Applications,
Extricity Software, F5 Networks, Financial Engines, FirstCom,
FirstWorld Communications, Fourth Shift, Galileo Laboratories, GameSpy
Industries, Gamesville.Com, General Magic, Genetronics, Global Sports,
Globalstar Telecommunications, Globecomm Systems, GlobeSpan
Semiconductor, Go2Net, Go2pharmacy.Com, Google, GoTo.Com,
Healtheon/WebMD, HealthQuick.Com, Healthshop.Com, High Speed Access,
Hoover's, I.D. Systems, InfoGear Technology, InfoUSA, Inprise,
Integral Access, Interactive Magic, InterCept Group, International
Business Machines Corp (IBM), International Integration, International
Isotopes, Internet Diamonds, Intrinsix, Iperia, Irvine Sensors, Island
ECN, ISLIP Media, IVAX Corporation, J. D. Edwards & Company, Jobs.Com,
Juniper Networks, Kendle International, Kickback.Com, Knowledge
Discovery One, Lante, Lara Technology, Legato Systems, Leukosite, LHS
Group, LifeMinders.Com, Lipstream, Litronic, Lucent Technologies,
Lycos, MacNeal-Schwendler, Macrovision, Mail.Com, Manage.Com,
Manatron, Mediaq, Medical Science Systems, Medicalogic, MediChem
Research, Medinox, Medsite.Com, Melita, MessageMedia, Metricom,
Metromedia Fiber Network, Micros-To-Mainframes, Microsoft, Molex,
Monterey Design Systems, Motorola, MP3.Com, MPhase Technologies,
Multex.Com, Musicmaker.Com, Mysimon, Narus, Net Earnings, Net.Genesis,
NetLibrary, Network Access Solutions, Network Plus, New Era Of
Networks, NextCard, NEXTLINK Communications, NextMonet.Com,
NextPlanetOver.Com, NFront, Niku, Novell, NStor, OneMain.Com, Online
Resources & Communications, Onlinetradinginc.Com, Oracle, Oresis
Communications, Oxygen Media, OZ.COM, Pacific Gateway Exchange, PaeTec
Communications, PeopleLink, Persistence Software, Pets.Com, Pharmacia
& Upjohn, Phoenix Technologies, Photo Access, Physicians Data Network,
Pixelworks, PlanetRx.Com, Premiere Technologies, Primus Knowledge
Solutions, Primus Telecommunications Group, Pseudo Programs, PSINet,
PurchasePro.Com, Quepasa.Com, QUIDEL, Ramp Networks, Rare Medium
Group, Reciprocal, RMI.NET, Rowecom, Rural Cellular, S3, Sabratek,
Safeguard \Scientifics, Salu.Net, Saraide.Com, Savi Technology, SBA
Communications, Science Applications International Corp (SAIC),
Scour.Net, SDN Online, SendMail, Sente, Sento, ServiceSoft
Technologies, Showbiz Data, ShowCase, SHYM Technology, SiTera,
Sixdegrees, SkyCache, Snap Technologies, Software.Com, Sparks.Com,
Spatial, SpeechWorks International, SpeedUs.Com, Spring Tide Networks,
Stamps.Com, STC Technologies, StreamServe, Student Advantage,
Superconductor Technologies, TalkStar.Com, Techies.Com, Tegic
Communications, TelecomAlliance, TeleCorp PCS, Tellabs, Tera Computer,
Texas Instruments, The A Consulting Team Inc (TACT), Therion
Biologics, Third Age Media, Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch,
Tickets.Com, TimesTen Performance Software, Tioga Systems, Titan,
TiVo, TMange, Totally Wireless, Towne Services, Track Data, TraffiCop,
Tribeca Software, TriZetto Group, Tut Systems, Unisys, United
Therapeutics, Unwired Planet, US Search Corp.Com, US/Intelicom,
V-SPAN, VA Linux Systems, VaxGen, VerticalNet, Viant,
VirtualVineyard.Com, VISTA Information Solutions, Visto, VoiceStream
Wireless, Wayport, WebCentric, Webline Communications, WebSideStory,
Wind River Systems, Wink Communications, Wit Capital Group, World
Access, WorldRes, Xencor, Xerox, Xilinx, Yahoo!, ZapMe! and Zefer.

About Facts Online

 Facts Online is the leading source for Hot U.S. Technology-Based
Companies. Facts Online reviews tens of thousands of private and
public companies to identify businesses with new investments or
acqusitions. These include: biotech, computers, computer peripherals,
database publishers, health devices, national data processing
services, networks, software publishers, national online or Internet
providers, Internet retailers, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors,
interactive entertainment publishers, instruments, telecom and
telephony manufacturers and telecommunications providers (such as
cellular, wireless, RBOC's and CLEC's). Users of the Facts Online
database include: technology companies, investment bankers, management
consultants and executive recruiters.

 More information is available at the Facts Online web site:

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Date:Jul 6, 1999
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