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Byline: Sean O'Brien

I AM the first journalist to review the new CD by MADONNA, American Life.

As with Music her previous album she's written a song for Guy, X-Static Process. She sings: "I always wished that I could find, someone as beautiful as you, but in the process I forgot that I was special too."

And in one of her most personal songs to date, Mother & Father, she sings: "My mother died when I was five, And all I did was sit and cry, I cried and cried and cried all day, Until the neighbours went away."

Here's my track-by-track rating:

American Life: It mixes R&B beats with her producer's familiar electronic sound. 4/5

Hollywood: A mid-tempo sugary-sweet guitar song. 3/5

I'm So Stupid: A great rock-based and upbeat track. Lots of electric guitar. This is more like ALANIS MORISSETTE than the Madge we are used to. 4/5

Love Profusion: One to set the nightclubs alive. Great melody and acoustic guitar flavour to it. Definitely a grower. 3/5

Nobody Knows Me: Not only the best song of the album, but one of her best ever. Shows why Madonna is Queen of Pop. 5/5

Nothing Fails: Starts out like a campfire song. Towards the end comes a rousing gospel choir. 4/5

Intervention: Fairly average, but it could be a grower. 3/5

X-Static Process: Very laid back ballad. 3/5

Mother & Father: Move over Kylie. This 80s-style disco tune has dark lyrics. Also sings of her love for her father. 5/5

Die Another Day: Bond theme is not her finest moment. 2/5

Easy Ride: Luscious strings of previous hit Frozen and the electronic beats of Music. 4/5

Overall it's good, but will take a few listens to get into. 4/5
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 6, 2003
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