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Challenges Of The New Millennium

The New York Pharma Forum Inc. recently held a symposium entitled, "Challenges to the Pharmaceutical Industry in the New Millennium.". The symposium was organized around a single question: What are the most important challenges for the drug industry as we enter the 21st century? Panelists included the chairmen of both the American and Japanese pharmaceutical industry organizations and Director-General of the largest federation of international pharmaceutical associations. So what are the main challenges to the industry as we begin the new millennium? In a nutshell they are price controls, world trade and R&D. Not much different from the last millennium. The United States pharmaceutical industry has and hopefully will continue to be the jewel of the American economy. Let's strive to keep it that way in this millennium. And by the way, that is absolutely the last time you will see the word "millennium" in these pages!


Michael Auerbach Editor

Lab Information Management System increased functionality

The Nautilus 99 SP 1 release delivers a range of functionality enhancements and product deliverables including: COM based extensions introduced to many more functionality areas, such as within result entry and reporting; an enhanced implementation of stock and standards, linking to new chemical structure features; and file login improvements allowing the login and update of all dynamic information along with the triggering of workflow events.

LabSystems Inc., 100 Cummings Center, Suite 01915.

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Metal Detector/Separator new rare earth tube magnet

The RE5HP Rare Earth tube magnet is powered by Erium[R] 3000 which provides a high level of separation efficiency. State-of-the-art circuit geometry and increased holding power improve separation of fine and weakly magnetic contaminants in processing applications. The higher strength of the RE5HP holds finer contaminants even more tightly to its surface to ensure the removal of fine metal contamination, virtually eliminating wash-off by product flow. Designed with the same dimensional envelope as its predecessors, the unit can retrofit into existing grates and traps to effectively prevent machinery damage and ensure product purity.

Eriez Magnetics, 2200 Asbury Rd., Erie, PA 16514.

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Vial Handling Trays reduce floorspace, minimizes costs

Three-sided tray is specifically designed to hold and store in-process pharmaceutical vials that are 10 ml and smaller as the vials move through a series of processing and packaging operations. Constructed of reinforced composite (RC) material, the tray minimizes the dead space in tray stacking, reducing in-process vial storage space by more than 30% when compared to other RC stacking trays. The tray measures 12" x 18" inside and feature a 2 5/8" high wall that is shorter than conventional tray walls. Trays nest reliably and stack well, improving the load stability during warehousing and in-plant transportation on pallets, minimizing the risk of spills.

Molded Fiberglass Tray Co., 6175 U.S. Hwy. 6, Linesville, PA 16424.

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Bottle/Vial Rinser easy operation

The HS-400 Mini-Gripper Bottle or Vial Water/Air Rinser is designed to clean small bottles and vials; 2 ml up to 1 liter in size. It provides thorough water or air rinsing from multiple stationary nozzles while inverted. Unit has a speed capacity of 100 to 300 bpm depending on bottle size. Features include ease of operation, optional "Push Button" changeover, no change parts, and takes less than three minutes for changeovers.

McBrady Engineering, Inc., P.O. Box 2549, Joliet, IL 60436.

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Capacitance Sensor auto-calibrate

The PRO AUTO-CALIBRATE is designed for high or low level indication of solids, liquids, and slurries. The calibration procedure takes only seconds, and can be completed without removing the cover. The External test feature allows users to simulate full or empty vessel conditions without accessing the unit's electronics or the sensing element. An external LED indicates unit status at all times, and DPDT switch selectable fail-safe relays can control multiple processes. Integrated circuit design operates below the radio frequency range, eliminating interference from other radio frequency devices. The standard 1/2 picorfarad sensitivity can be held across a temperature span from -40 to 165F. The 5/8" diameter 316 stainless steel probe assembly with Delrin or Teflon sleeve is highly durable, abrasion resistant and suitable for use in conductive materials.

BinMaster, Div. Of Garner Industries, 4200 North 48th St., Lincoln, NE 68504.

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Purification System for drug discovery

The Parallex Flex system offers users the ability of starting with a one-column system and upgrading the system to four columns in parallel as throughput needs increase. Operators can program each pump to operate a binary gradient independently. The system can purify a few compounds or libraries of compounds in an open-access environment. Using a walk-up wizard, operators can queue samples for purification. The software uses slope and/or threshold on one or two wavelengths to optimize fraction collection for purity and/or yield. Software integrates chromatograms, plate or vial maps, and textual information together in an intuitive fashion, both for current samples and fractions as well as extract historical data run months ago. Users can review the information from their desks as well as from the instrument.

Biotage, A Division of Dyax Corp., 1500 Avon Street Extended, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

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