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Hot Air! (Plastics Machinery/Processing).

A line of hot air blowers designed for continuous operation and capable of interfacing with PLCs for a range of heating and drying applications is available from Malcom Hot Air Systems. Leister Hotwind-S Hot Air Blowers are self-contained units that include a heater and blower and can be coupled with different style nozzles for deflecting hot air exactly where it is needed. Available in six models that operate from 100 to 440 VAC and provide from 2000 W to 5400 W power, the Hot Air Blowers offer electronically controlled temperatures up to 1472[degrees]F (800[degrees]C) and air flows up to 30 CFM, depending on the model. Typical applications include shrinking, drying, curing, and laminating.

Malcom Hot Air Systems, 1676 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI 02871; (888) 807-4030; Fax (401) 682-1904;; e-mail:

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Author:Blanco, Alice
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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