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Hospital mismanagement could cost us dearly.


The hospital currently lacks the infrastructure to handle coronavirus patients

We have already seen how Covid-19 has brought developed nations -- nations with more money and better health care and infrastructure than ours -- to their knees, taking the lives of thousands upon thousands, and affecting the lives of millions more.

Bangladesh, then, needs to be extra careful in all its containment measures, because at the end of the day, we are all the more vulnerable. This means hospitals and testing facilities must be adequately staffed, and must treat the issue of Covid-19 with utmost seriousness.

But, unfortunately, unlike the coronavirus, which has been brutally efficient and effective globally, we have been anything but -- the most recent example being the utter mismanagement that has permeated the running of Kuwait Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, which had been set up to treat coronavirus patients.

For one, when there is a virus regarding which there is so much confusion and doubt amongst people as well as health care professionals, experts in the field are absolutely paramount, guiding the hospital with regards to the most effective and safest way to treat and handle coronavirus patients.

Unfortunately, such an infectious disease specialist was missing at the Kuwait Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, leading to a lack of expert supervision and consultation, putting everyone in the hospital -- and their friends and relatives as a result -- at high risk.

That is, however, only the tip of the iceberg.

The hospital currently lacks the infrastructure to handle coronavirus patients, unequipped as it is with essential treatment facilities, such as a central oxygen facility which leads to massive delays in providing treatment, and good quality PPEs for its staff, who are putting their lives at risk every day to ensure patients are looked after.

With many private hospitals turning patients away, the facilities designated to treat Covid-19 must absolutely be up to the job, with no room for error.

It is time that our primary focus in the upcoming month becomes our health care -- ramping up testing facilities and providing the best treatment possible so that patients can make a full recovery.

We cannot afford to take a wrong step in this matter, certainly not during a crisis of this magnitude.

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Publication:Dhaka Tribune
Date:Apr 17, 2020
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