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Pediatric ambulatory care sensitive conditions: Birth cohorts and the socio-economic gradient. Roos, Leslie L.; Dragan, Roxana; Schroth, Robert J. Report Sep 1, 2017 7285
Diabetes complications are a risk factor for repeat hospitalizations, study shows. Report Aug 1, 2017 347
Neonatal abstinence syndrome. Johnson, Britta Report Jul 1, 2017 1891
Differences in hospital readmission risk across all payer groups in South Carolina. Chakraborty, Hrishikesh; Axon, Robert Neal; Brittingham, Jordan; Lyons, Genevieve Ray; Cole, Laura; Jun 1, 2017 7796
Reducing 30-day readmissions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Harris, Shannon; Lang, Betty; Percy, Robert E.; Patronas, Carl Nov 1, 2016 3329
A virtual calming force: this not-for-profit is using virtual reality to treat the underserved. Van Alstin, Chad Michael Report Oct 1, 2016 1083
A study of profile, management and outcome of patients admitted for snake bite with envenomation in general medicine department, Government Chengalpattu Medical College and Hospital. Ramachandran, Nanda Kumar; Kumaran, Arjunan Senthil Report Sep 29, 2016 2626
Hospital readmissions less likely with high-quality discharge planning. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 145
Pattern of substance use: study in a de-addiction clinic. Maruf, Mohammad Muntasir; Khan, Muhammad Zillur Rahman; Jahan, Nasim Report Sep 1, 2016 2692
Medicare pays billions for avoidable hospitalizations. Sullivan, Michele G. Sep 1, 2016 511
Combining childhood vaccines at one visit is not safe. Miller, Neil Z. Jun 22, 2016 3214
Study of pattern of antibiotic induced adverse cutaneous drug reactions in a tertiary care hospital. Patel, Seema; Jain, Nidhi; Badkur, Mayank; Mehar, Mithilesh Report Jun 9, 2016 1638
Changes in childhood pneumonia hospitalizations by race and sex associated with pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. Wiese, Andrew D.; Grijalva, Carlos G.; Zhu, Yuwei; Mitchel, Edward F.; Griffin, Marie R. Jun 1, 2016 2365
Study of fatal poisoning in a district hospital of West Bengal. Datta, Arijit; Tiwari, Preeti; Sarkar, Swapnodeep Report May 26, 2016 1906
Reducing neonatal readmission rates. Berney, Ellen May 1, 2016 2027
Infant with an unusual neck mass. Daram, Shiva; Mitchell, Ron B. Report Apr 1, 2016 914
Chitosan and silver sulfadiazine immobilization onto silicone membrane for wound dressing applications. Babaie, Elham; Mirzadeh, Hamid; Keshvari, Hamid; Solouk, Atefeh; Doulabi, Azadehsadat Hashemi Report Jan 1, 2016 5702
A renewed look at faith community nursing. Schroepfer, Emily Jan 1, 2016 3163
Nursing in Ghana: a search for florence nightingale in an African City. Adu-Gyamfi, Samuel; Brenya, Edward Report Jan 1, 2016 13044
Best practices for home monitoring remain unclear. Report Dec 1, 2015 369
Ambient coarse particulate matter and hospital admissions in the Medicare Cohort Air Pollution Study, 1999-2010. Powell, Helen; Krall, Jenna R.; Wang, Yun; Bell, Michelle L.; Peng, Roger D. Report Nov 1, 2015 7098
Preventable hospitalizations vary widely by region. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 138
Treatment with Sitagliptin did not Increase the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in the Primary Composite Endpoint, or Hospitalization for Heart Failure. Clinical report Jun 30, 2015 2133
Predicting hospitalization for heat-related illness at the census-tract level: accuracy of a generic heat vulnerability index in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Chuang, Wen-Ching; Gober, Patricia Report Jun 1, 2015 8025
Incidence, risk factors and complications of acute perforated and non-perforated appendicitis in a rural setup of Andhra Pradesh. Kumar, I. Anil; Charan, K. Sri; Harikrishna, V. Report May 14, 2015 2146
Effect of an educational program on a family caregiver's prevention and management of pressure ulcers in bedridden patients after discharge from hospitals in Palestine. Eljedi, Ashraf; El-Daharja, Tamam; Dukhan, Nabeel Report May 1, 2015 4615
Meigs' syndrome in an elderly woman with short of breath. Tsai, Wan-Chen; Chang, Fung-Wei; Chang, Junn-Liang; Chao, Hong-Ming Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2015 1329
Hospital readmissions following severe sepsis often are preventable. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 258
Preventable hospitalizations vary widely by region. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 142
A review of adult asthma hospitalizations in Louisiana, 2006-2011. Lewis, Jocelyn; Lackovic, Michelle; Soileau, Shannon Report Mar 1, 2015 4262
Hepatitis A hospitalization rate declines in USA. Feb 28, 2015 398
Effects of early mobilization program on the frequency of pain and duration of hospitalization of patients with myocardial infarction. Asgari, Mohammad Reza; Jafarpoor, Hasanali; Soleimani, Mohsen; Ghorbani, Raheb; Askandarian, Rahimeh Report Feb 1, 2015 3944
Experiences of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and family members of participating in care during hospitalization/Patienters og parorendes oplevelser of aktiv deltagelse under indlaeggelse for kronisk obstruktiv lungesygdom. Andersen, Ingrid Charlotte; Thomsen, Thora Grothe; Hounsgaard, Lise Report Dec 22, 2014 4958
STARRS' call for more intensive follow-up. Ritchie, Elspeth Cameron Dec 1, 2014 610
Up to 90% of gout admissions might be preventable. Dales, Mary Jo Dec 1, 2014 538
Evidence-based apps: Mayo Clinic app shortened hospitalizations. Boschert, By Sherry Brief article Nov 15, 2014 278
A sector ready for action: OT shares the highlights from last month's National Optical Conference in Birmingham. Conference news Nov 14, 2014 1257
Determining need for hospitalisation: evaluation of the utility of the CRB-65 score in patients with community-acquired pneumonia presenting to an emergency department. Kabundji, D.M.; Musekiwa, A.; Mukansi, M.; Feldman, C. Report Nov 1, 2014 3793
Heart failure hospitalizations jump after holidays. Jancin, Bruce Nov 1, 2014 355
ID hospitalizations down with use of two new vaccines. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Nov 1, 2014 413
Neighbourhood immigrant concentration and hospitalization: a multilevel analysis of cardiovascular-related admissions in Ontario using linked data. Omariba, D. Walter Rasugu; Ross, Nancy A.; Sanmartin, Claudia; Tu, Jack V. Report Nov 1, 2014 6638
Ante-grade intramedullary nailing for the treatment of humeral shaft metastatic bone tumor. Chen, Jiang-Long; Yeh, Tsu-Te; Pan, Ru-Yu; Wu, Chia-Chun Report Nov 1, 2014 2541
In recent years, primary care and emergency departments have started treating patients using tramadol (Ultram[R]) more frequently. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 144
Multidisciplinary approach to converting power chair into motorized prone cart. Brose, Steven W.; Wali, Eisha Report Sep 1, 2014 2392
Leptospirosis-associated hospitalizations, United States, 1998-2009. Traxler, Rita M.; Callinan, Laura S.; Holman, Robert C.; Steiner, Claudia; Guerra, Marta A. Report Aug 1, 2014 5187
A middle range theory of family vigilance. Carr, Jeanine M. Report Jul 1, 2014 3161
Studying the hospital space in terms of privacy for in patient, according to space-path model tn therapeutic environment. Esfahani, Elmira; Soltanzadeh, Hossein; Nassiri, Negar Report Jun 1, 2014 6004
Observational follow-up study on a cohort of children with severe pneumonia after discharge from a day-care clinic in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ashraf, Hasan; Alam, Nur H.; Chisti, Mohammod J.; Salam, Mohammed A.; Ahmed, Tahmeed; Gyr, Niklaus Report Jun 1, 2014 4469
Successful nonsurgical treatment for synchronous acute cholecystitis and acute appendicitis: A case report and review of the literatures. Lee, Ting-Ying; Chang, Hao-Ming; Shih, Ming-Lang; Chen, Teng-Wei; Hsieh, Chung-Bao; Chan, De-Chuan; Report May 1, 2014 1006
Klebsiella pneumoniae peritonsillar abscess followed by liver abscess in an immunocompetent adult. Lai, Kuan-Cheng; Tsai, Shih-Hung; Chen, Yu-Long; Chen, Sy-Jou; Liao, Wen-I Report May 1, 2014 1309
Influenza-associated hospitalizations and deaths, Costa Rica, 2009-2012. Saborio, Guiselle Guzman; Clara, Alexey; Garcia, Antonio; Quesada, Fabio; Palekar, Rakhee; Minaya, P Report May 1, 2014 2796
Pertussis hospitalizations. Brief article May 1, 2014 154
Reasons for hospitalizations in 2012. Brief article May 1, 2014 140
Central pontine myelinolysis: a case report. Chethan, Belgur S.; Yugandhara, S. Report Apr 14, 2014 832
The cause of hospitalization and its changes in hospitals of Golestan during 2001 to 2010. Bamyar, Roya; MalekMahmoodi, Shima Kazemi; Khursha, Hasan; Vakili, Mohammad Ali Report Apr 1, 2014 2121
Differential effects of source-specific particulate matter on emergency hospitalizations for ischemic heart disease in Hong Kong. Pun, Vivian Chit; Yu, Ignatius Tak-sun; Ho, Kin-fai; Qiu, Hong; Sun, Zhiwei; Tian, Linwei Report Apr 1, 2014 6372
LOCSU welcomes NHS chief's recommendations. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article Mar 28, 2014 267
Pneumococcal vaccine and hospitalizations. Sagall, Richard J. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 126
Preparing children for hospitalization. Keene, Nancy Mar 1, 2014 1291
'Target: stroke' program gets most patients timely treatment. Boschert, Sherry Mar 1, 2014 658
Does taking multiple medicines increase risk of being admitted to hospital? Feb 15, 2014 407
Reducing hospital readmissions through primary care practice transformation: this study found that a "culture of continuity" using processes that strengthen outpatient-inpatient caregiver communication improves patient care. White, Brett; Carney, Patricia A.; Flynn, Jessie; Marino, Miguel; Fields, Scott Feb 1, 2014 4085
Creating a legacy for and with hospitalized children. Boles, Jessika Report Jan 1, 2014 1729
Birth defects surveillance in the United States: challenges and implications of international classification of diseases, tenth revision, clinical modification implementation. Mburia-Mwalili, Adel; Yang, Wei Report Jan 1, 2014 7108
Cost-effectiveness analysis of hospitalization and home-based care strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS: the case of Zimbabwe. Hove-Musekwa, Senelani D.; Nyabadza, Farai; Mambili-Mamboundou, Hermane; Chiyaka, Christinah; Mukand Report Jan 1, 2014 8191
Development and validation of sleep disturbance questionnaire in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Sepahvand, Elham; Jalali, Rostam; Paveh, Behnam Khaledi; Rezaei, Mansour Report Jan 1, 2014 5213
Medicare-Medicaid eligible beneficiaries and potentially avoidable hospitalizations. Segal, Misha; Rollins, Eric; Hodges, Kevin; Roozeboom, Michelle Report Jan 1, 2014 3388
Prevalence and determinants of early antenatal care visit among pregnant women attending antenatal care in Debre Berhan Health Institutions, Central Ethiopia. Zegeye, Amtatachew M.; Bitew, Bikes D.; Koye, Digsu N. Report Dec 1, 2013 3432
Criteria doubled palliative care, cut rehospitalizations. Sullivan, Michele G. Nov 15, 2013 600
Estimating inpatient hospital prices from state administrative data and hospital financial reports. Levit, Katharine R.; Friedman, Bernard; Wong, Herbert S. Oct 1, 2013 6847
Coccidioidomycosis-associated hospitalizations, California, USA, 2000-2011. Sondermeyer, Gail; Lee, Lauren; Gilliss, Debra; Tabnak, Farzaneh; Vugia, Duc Report Oct 1, 2013 5854
Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of involuntary and voluntary hospitalized psychiatric inpatients in a Mental Health Hospital/Bir psikiyatri hastanesinde istemli ve istem disi yatislarin sosyodemografik ve klinik ozellikleri. Gultekin, Bulent Kadri; Celik, Seda; Tihan, Aysu; Beskardes, Ali Fuat; Sezer, Umut Report Sep 1, 2013 3917
Short-term associations between fine and coarse particulate matter and hospitalizations in Southern Europe: results from the MED-PARTICLES project. Stafoggia, Massimo; Samoli, Evangelia; Alessandrini, Ester; Cadum, Ennio; Ostro, Bart; Berti, Giovan Report Sep 1, 2013 9252
You're not a number. Rhodes, Scoba Sep 1, 2013 854
Dementia support program decreases emergency visits. Sullivan, Michele G. Sep 1, 2013 432
National diabetes inpatient audit highlights "shocking" failings in hospital care. Sep 1, 2013 574
Adolescents and youth in adult hospitals: psychosocial assessment on admission--an evaluation of the youth care plan. Sturrock, Tegan; Steinbeck, Kate Report Sep 1, 2013 4375
The analysis of several patogenetic and clinical paramethers among patients hospitalized due to asthma. Zietkowski, Z.; Dolinska, C.; Zietkowska, E.; Bodzenta-Lukaszyk, A. Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 4052
Chesed Children's Clinic: a nonprofit, paediatric primary care outreach clinic in the Eastern Cape created by junior doctors and volunteers. Favara, David M.; Makin, Lara Jun 1, 2013 460
Program targets rehospitalizations. Brief article May 3, 2013 207
Medicare readmission rates showed meaningful decline in 2012. Gerhardt, Geoffrey; Yemane, Alshadye; Hickman, Peter; Oelschlaeger, Allison; Rollins, Eric; Brennan, Report Apr 1, 2013 2494
Attribution of foodborne illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths to food commodities by using outbreak data, United States, 1998-2008. Painter, John A.; Hoekstra, Robert M.; Ayers, Tracy; Tauxe, Robert V.; Braden, Christopher R.; Angul Report Mar 1, 2013 7270
Hospitals find patients feel neglected. Feb 1, 2013 457
The concept of adverse drug reaction reporting: awareness among pharmacy students in a Nigerian university. Showande, Johnson Segun; Pharm, M.; Oyelola, Fakeye Titilayo Report Jan 1, 2013 4269
Hospital re-admissions higher for chronic conditions. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 148
Studies link adverse drug interactions to elevated risk for hospitalization among the elderly. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 157
Emergency department visits for carbon monoxide poisoning in LA. Katner, Adrienne; Peak, Kate; Sun, Mei-Hung; Badakhsh, Roshan; Woods, Adrienne; Soileau, Shannon; Du Report Nov 1, 2012 2798
Association between residential proximity to fuel-fired power plants and hospitalization rate for respiratory diseases. Liu, Xiaopeng; Lessner, Lawrence; Carpenter, David O. Report Jun 1, 2012 5298
Availability of computerised reminders in primary care doesn't reduce heart-failure repeated hospitalisations. Esposti, Luca Degli; Filippi, Alessandro; Verones, Chiara; Buda, Stefano; D'Ambrosio, Gaetano; Germi Report Jun 1, 2012 1833
Smog = more hospitalizations. Anderson, Jane Brief article May 1, 2012 118
Enhancing Medicare's hospital-acquired conditions policy to encompass readmissions. McNair, Peter D.; Luft, Harold S. Report Apr 1, 2012 4765
Partial exchange transfusion for neonatal polycythemia/Yenidogan polisitemisinde kismi kan degisimi. (Original Article/Ozgun Arastirma. Ozalkaya, Elif; Topcuoglu, Sevilay; Yildirim, Egemen; Gursoy, Tugba; Ovali, Fahri; Karatekin, Guner Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 3570
Patient and parent sleep in a children's hospital. Meltzer, Lisa J.; Davis, Katherine Finn; Mindell, Jodi A. Report Mar 1, 2012 7349
Facts and ideas from anywhere. Roberts, William Clifford Editorial Jan 1, 2012 9664
Medicare managed care plan performance: a comparison across hospitalization types. Basu, Jayasree; Mobley, Lee Rivers Report Jan 1, 2012 9170
Azra Naheed Medical College invites applications for admission to First Year MBBS Class. Nov 14, 2011 787
Heart failure hospitalizations dropped 30% in 1998-2008. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2011 536
Postdischarge mortality still alarming. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 146
Drug, alcohol admissions spike. Anderson, Jane Brief article Oct 15, 2011 145
Hospitalization may trigger temporary memory loss in older adults. Oct 1, 2011 374
Memory loss after hospitalization. Fava, Maurizio Brief article Oct 1, 2011 205
Severe illness from 2009 pandemic influenza a (H1N1)--Utah, 2009-10 influenza season. Boulton, Rachelle; Herlihy, Rachel; Rolfs, Robert; Vernon, Valoree; Hill, Mary; Price, Andrea; Thurs Report Sep 30, 2011 3114
Nurse, what's that pill for? Priest, Susanne Sep 22, 2011 1035
Does health insurance and seeing the doctor keep you out of the hospital? Kaestner, Robert; Sasso, Anthony Lo Report Sep 13, 2011 14036
One in four patients experiences revolving-door hospitalizations. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 119
The impact of Medicare Part D on hospitalization rates. Afendulis, Christopher C.; He, Yulei; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Chernew, Michael E. Jul 30, 2011 6637
Maya Diab breaks a leg. Brief article Jul 21, 2011 106
One in four patients experiences revolving-door hospitalizations. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 119
Headaches take a toll. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 1, 2011 119
Drug-related adverse events soar, linked to hospital stays. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2011 432
Renault F1 driver Kubica to leave hospital. Apr 22, 2011 503
Impact of the transition to ICD-10 on medicare inpatient hospital payments. Mills, Ronald E.; Butler, Rhonda R.; McCullough, Elizabeth C.; Bao, Mona Z.; Averill, Richard F. Report Apr 1, 2011 4654
Trends in duration of hospitalization for patients with tuberculosis in Montreal, Canada from 1993 to 2007. Dehghani, Kianoush; Allard, Robert; Gratton, Jean; Marcotte, Louise; Rivest, Paul Report Mar 1, 2011 2973
The ghost print. Gindi, Mark Jan 1, 2011 1355
Drug-related hospitalizations up. Anderson, Jane Brief article Nov 15, 2010 120
Drug-related hospitalizations up. Anderson, Jane Brief article Nov 15, 2010 120
Hospital care is improving. Anderson, Jane Brief article Nov 1, 2010 136
Socio-economic inequities in children's injury rates: has the gradient changed over time?/Les iniquites socioeconomiques dans les taux de blessures chez les enfants: le gradient a-t-il change au fil du temps? Brownell, Marni D.; Derksen, Shelley A.; Jutte, Douglas P.; Roos, Noralou P.; Ekuma, Okechukwu; Yall Nov 1, 2010 7753
Underlying medical conditions and hospitalization for pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Japan. Tomizuka, Taro; Takayama, Yoshihiro; Shobayashi, Tokuaki; Fukushima, Yasumasa; Suzuki, Yasuhiro Report Oct 1, 2010 1556
Clostridium difficile infections among hospitalized children, United States, 1997-2006. Vindigni, Stephen M.; Shane, Andi L. Report Oct 1, 2010 799
Predicting need for hospitalization of patients with pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Vasoo, Shawn; Singh, Kamaljit; Trenholme, Gordon M. Report Oct 1, 2010 3251
Long-term health risks for children and young adults after infective gastroenteritis. Moorin, Rachael E.; Heyworth, Jane S.; Forbes, Geoffrey M.; Riley, Thomas V. Report Sep 1, 2010 6078
Chickenpox vaccine effective. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 155
Etiologic and prognostic assessment of children with ventriculoperitoneal shunt infections/Ventrikuloperitoneal sant enfeksiyonu gelismis cocuklarin etiyolojik ve prognostik acilardan degerlendirilmesi. Telhan, Leyla; Cavusoglu, Fatma; Musluman, Murat; Turkmenoglu, Osman; Cetinkaya, Feyzullah Clinical report Sep 1, 2010 2412
Causes for hospitalizations at upazila health complexes in Bangladesh. Ahmed, Sirajuddin; Siddique, A.K.; Iqbal, Anwarul; Rahman, F.K.M. Nurur; Islam, Md. Noor; Sobhan, Md Report Aug 1, 2010 3529
Opiate addiction and prescription drug abuse: a pragmatic approach. Hasan, Khalid M.; Hasan, Omar K. Report Jul 1, 2010 1483
Heat hits diabetics in underappreciated ways. Brunk, Doug Jul 1, 2010 695
A single center 14 years study of infectious complications leading to hospitalization of patients with primary antibody deficiencies. Mamishi, Setareh; Eghbali, Aiden Nasiri; Rezaei, Nima; Abolhassani, Hassan; Parvaneh, Nima; Aghamoha Report Jul 1, 2010 2504
Hospitalization for trichinellosis and echinococcosis in Canada, 2001-2005: the tip of the iceberg? Gilbert, Nicolas L.; Dare, Oluwayemisi K.; Libman, Michael D.; Muchaal, Pia K.; Ogden, Nicholas H. Report Jul 1, 2010 2929
Home [O.sub.2] protocol cuts bronchiolitis admissions. London, Susan Jun 15, 2010 529
Deaths and hospitalizations related to 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) -Greece, May 2009-February 2010. Efstathiou, P.; Tseroni, M.; Baka, A.; Manolidou, Z.; Karageorgou, K.; Sypsa, V.; Hatzakis, A. Jun 11, 2010 2237
H1N1 virus hits hardest during pregnancy and chronic illness. Jun 1, 2010 986
Being hospitalized may raise risk of cognitive decline. Brief article May 1, 2010 186
Being hospitalized may raise your risk of cognitive decline. Brief article May 1, 2010 134
One COPD event may lead to another. Jancin, Bruce Report May 1, 2010 660
Neighbourhood effects on hospitalization in early childhood. Vu, Lan T.H.; Muhajarine, Nazeem Report Mar 1, 2010 3827
Early surgery lowers cholecystectomy costs. Sullivan, Michele G. Mar 1, 2010 613
Gout associated with worse heart failure outcomes. Report Feb 1, 2010 538
Magic as a therapeutic intervention to promote coping in hospitalized pediatric patients. Hart, Robyn; Walton, Michael Jan 1, 2010 5367
Hospitalizations for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 among Maori and Pacific Islanders, New Zealand. Verrall, Ayesha; Norton, Katherine; Rooker, Serena; Dee, Stephen; Olsen, Leeanne; Tan, Chor Ee; Paul Report Jan 1, 2010 1744
Prolonged hospitalization in patients with cancer: how long is too long? Mitchell, Jennifer K. Survey Jan 1, 2010 580
Experience as a patient will enhance nurse's practice: a nurse seriously injured in a car accident and hospitalised for three weeks earlier this year reflects on what she has learnt from being a patient. Guo, Mutian Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2009 1744
Hospitalizations for rotavirus down by 86%. Zoler, Mitchel L. Dec 1, 2009 331
Low muscle density and strength raises risk of hospitalization. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 144
Influenza- and respiratory syncytial virus-associated adult mortality in Soweto. Karstaedt, A.S.; Hopley, M.; Wong, M.; Crewe-Brown, H.H.; Tasset-Tisseau, A. Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 3225
Increased risk for patient safety incidents in hospitalized older adults. Thornlow, Deirdre K. Report Sep 1, 2009 3769
Race, quality of care and patient outcomes: what can we learn from the department of veterans affairs? Simeonova, Emilia Report Sep 1, 2009 9805
Self-harm rates decreasing. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 167
Long-term effect of home telehealth services on preventable hospitalization use. Jia, Huanguang; Chuang, Ho-Chih; Wu, Samuel S.; Wang, Xinping; Chumbler, Neale R. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 5280
Eunice Kennedy Shriver hospitalized in critical condition. Brief article Aug 7, 2009 90
New horizons for nurses in primary health care: new policy for primary health care urges a shift from hospital-based care to the promotion of health and prevention, with a strong contribution from nurses and midwives. Jul 1, 2009 553
Demand for public health care in Pakistan. Akbari, Ather H.; Rankaduwa, Wimal; Kiani, Adiqa K. Report Jun 22, 2009 6934
Trial quantifies exercise benefits in heart failure. Jancin, Bruce Report Jun 15, 2009 568
Heart failure: hospital management 2009. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. Report Jun 1, 2009 795
Rotavirus hospitalizations down 84% since 2006. Tucker, Miriam E. Survey Jun 1, 2009 535
Case-based surveillance of influenza hospitalizations during 2004-2008, Colorado, USA. Proff, Rosemary; Gershman, Ken; Lezotte, Dennis; Nyquist, Ann-Christine Report Jun 1, 2009 4756
Pain experience in hospitalized adults with sickle cell disease. Granados, Renee; Jacob, Eufemia May 1, 2009 4192
Statins tied to few hospital visits for asthma. Wachter, Kerri Brief article May 1, 2009 268
Hospitalizations and deaths associated with Clostridium difficile infection, Finland, 1996-2004. Lyytikainen, Outi; Turunen, Heli; Sund, Reijo; Rasinpera, Marja; Kononen, Eija; Ruutu, Petri; Keskim Report May 1, 2009 3366
Follow-up after hospitalization may reduce your risk of being readmitted. Brief article May 1, 2009 136
Group visits for asthma slash hospitalizations. Wachter, Kerri Apr 1, 2009 324
CVS analyzes Rx adherence in heart patients. Mar 16, 2009 546
Implementing a rapid response team to decrease emergencies outside the ICU: one hospital's experience. Hatler, Carol; Mast, Deanna; Bedker, Debbie; Johnson, Rachel; Corderella, Jeannie; Torres, Jorge; Ki Mar 1, 2009 4583
Varicella-related hospitalization in children: a retrospective study in the pre-vaccine era in Ankara, Turkey/Cocuklarda Sucicegine Bagli Hospitalizasyon. Turkiye'de Ankara'da Asi Oncesi Donemde Retrospektif Bir Calisma. Belet, Nursen; Tapisiz, Anil; Ciftci, Ergin; Ince, Erdal; Dogru, Ulker Report Mar 1, 2009 2330
Dissociative disorder following hospitalization and invasive medical procedures: a pediatric case report/Hastane yatisi ve girisimsel tibbi islemler sonrasinda gelisen disosiyatif bozukluk: bir pediatrik olgu sunumu. Coskun, Murat; Zoroglu, Sulayman Salih Case study Mar 1, 2009 3051
Treatment costs really matter now. Kwon, Eugene Editorial Feb 1, 2009 683
Hospitalizations hit coverage gaps. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jan 15, 2009 156
Coverage gaps in hospitalizations. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jan 15, 2009 157
Hospitalizations for heart failure surge by 230%. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Dec 15, 2008 328
Does hospital surgical volume affect in-hospital outcomes in surgically treated pelvic and acetabular fractures? Genuario, James; Koval, Kenneth J.; Cantu, Robert V.; Spratt, Kevin F. Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 5786
Sanofi's multaq reduces hospitalization. Nov 17, 2008 311
RotaTeq data show disease, costs cut. Worcester, Sharon Nov 1, 2008 551
Emergency department presentations of Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Costa, Nadia; Sullivan, Mary; Walker, Rae; Robinson, Kerin M. Report Oct 1, 2008 4635
Risk factors for 30-day hospital readmission in patients [less than or equal to] 65 years of age. Silverstein, Marc D.; Qin, Huanying; Mercer, S. Quay; Fong, Jaclyn; Haydar, Ziad Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 8099
Do bonding, bridging, and linking social capital affect preventable hospitalizations? Derose, Kathryn Pitkin Report Oct 1, 2008 7747
Natalizumab cuts hospitalization rates for Crohn's patients. Splete, Heidi Clinical report Sep 15, 2008 460
Risk factors for bronchopulmonary dysplasia/Bronkopulmoner displazide risk faktorleri. Ozkan, Hilal; Koksal, Nilgun; Cetinkaya, Merih; Canitez, Yakup Report Sep 1, 2008 2547
C. difficile hospitalizations, deaths spark concern. Mahoney, Diana Sep 1, 2008 502
Asthma is usually a secondary cause of hospitalization; rate rises 113%. McNamara, Damian Aug 15, 2008 537
Assessment of reporting bias for Clostridium difficile hospitalizations, United States. Zilberberg, Marya D. Aug 1, 2008 486
Medicare to expand what it will not pay to treat the new list of hospital complications are.... Aug 1, 2008 350
Natalizumab cuts hospitalization rates in Crohn's. Splete, Heidi Aug 1, 2008 443
Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteraemia in an academic hospital in South Africa. Perovic, O.; Koornhof, H.J.; Crewe-Brown, H.H.; Duse, A.G.; van Nierop, W.; Galpin, J.S. Clinical report Aug 1, 2008 4874
Emergency department usage by uninsured patients in Galveston County, Texas. Baillargeon, Jacques; Paar, David; Giordano, Thomas P.; Zachariah, Brian; Rudkin, Laura L.; Wu, Z. H Jul 1, 2008 5240
Patient's experiences of interpersonal relationships during first time acute hospitalisation. Blockley, Colette; Alterio, Maxine Jul 1, 2008 4489
How do we achieve service excellence? Tarantino, David P. Jul 1, 2008 1623
People with dementia more than tripled their risk of death or hospitalization within a month of taking antipsychotic drugs to silence their agitation, according to a study. Brief article Jun 2, 2008 309
Poorer children in ED more. Anderson, Jane Report Jun 1, 2008 132
Relationship between state Medicaid policies, nursing home racial composition, and the risk of hospitalization for Black and White residents. Gruneir, Andrea; Miller, Susan C.; Feng, Zhanlian; Intrator, Orna; Mor, Vincent Jun 1, 2008 4572
Increase in adult Clostridium difficile-related hospitalizations and case-fatality rate, United States, 2000-2005. Zilberberg, Marya D.; Shorr, Andrew F.; Kollef, Marin H. Jun 1, 2008 1728
Hospitalizations for kidney disease on the rise. Mahoney, Diana Jun 1, 2008 613
The mystery of increased hospitalizations of elderly patients. Meltzer, Martin I. May 1, 2008 1010
MedPAC backs bundled pay for hospitalizations. Ault, Alicia May 1, 2008 321
Black elders more likely to be hospitalized. Hing, Julianne Ong Mar 1, 2008 135
Fear of death and putting 'life on hold' when one's spouse is hospitalised in a non-local tertiary centre. Mercer, Christine; Benn, Cheryl; McBride-Henry, Karen Mar 1, 2008 3957
Asthmatic children bear the brunt of the influenza burden. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Clinical report Feb 1, 2008 494
Hospitalization: accentuate the positive, minimize the negative: communicate with hospital staff, carry complete medication information, and get help from loved ones to reduce complications. Nov 1, 2007 487
Nurse's role in reducing avoidable hospitalizations in home health. Edmonds, Cher Nov 1, 2007 686
EMR helps target smokers when hospitalized. Splete, Heidi Brief article Oct 1, 2007 266
Reversing trend, hospitalizations for stroke dip. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Report Sep 1, 2007 390
Post-MI depression affects higher incidence of women. Zoler, Mitchel L. Sep 1, 2007 452
Algorithm cuts pneumonia hospitalizations in elderly. Johnson, Kate Report Aug 15, 2007 537
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia clinic reduces readmissions, saves money. Johnson, Kate Aug 1, 2007 348
Changing environments of inpatient psychiatric care for individuals with intellectual disabilities. O'Brien, William H. Report Jul 1, 2007 4775
CMS proposes rule. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 197
Algorithm cuts hospitalizations for pneumonia among elderly. Johnson, Kate May 15, 2007 497
At-home RSV prophylaxis aids compliance. Sullivan, Michele G. Apr 15, 2007 372
Take someone with you! Middaugh, Donna J. Editorial Apr 1, 2007 994
Hospice enrollment and evaluation of its causal effect on hospitalization of dying nursing home patients. Gozalo, Pedro L.; Miller, Susan C. Apr 1, 2007 9340
The use of the term vulnerability in acute care: why does it differ and what does it mean? Scanlon, Andrew; Lee, Geraldine A. Mar 22, 2007 5321
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