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Hose assembly.

AMERICAN BOA INC., CUMMING, GA. Crimp-Tite is the company's trademark for a crimped fitting system for hoses. American Boa says it is an alternative to welding and makes assembly faster. The process incorporates four components: fitting insert, crimp ferrule, composite rubber seal, and braided metal hose. The fitting insert and ferrule are positively locked together during radial-compression crimping. The company has published results of verification tests on its Web site. A low-pressure pneumatic test with a nitrogen bubble at 30 psi showed no leaks. An impulse test with hydraulic oil alternating between 0 and 375 psi at 27 cycles/min. exceeded 150,000 cycles. Saturated steam for 312 hours at temperatures from 450 to 525 [degrees]F and pressures of 422 to 847 psi also showed no leaks. The company says hose life is extended and costs are reduced because no heat is applied to metal for assembly.



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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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