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Impact of Horse Age and Body Weight on the Angle Between the Parietal Surface of the Coffin Bone and the Ground. Report May 16, 2021 3391
Short Communication - Comparing the Efficacy of Multi-Source Serum for in vitro Culture of Equine Achilles Tendon Fibroblasts. Report Apr 30, 2021 1997
Horse Imagery in the Yakut Epic "Nurgun Botur the Swift". Anisimov, Andrei B. Critical essay Mar 1, 2021 5055
Effect of methylsulfonylmethane on oxidative stress and CYP3A93 expression in fetal horse liver cells. Kim, Kyoung Hwan; Park, Jeong-Woong; Yang, Young Mok; Song, Ki-Duk; Cho, Byung-Wook Report Jan 27, 2021 4303
A Comparative Neuro-Histological Assessment of Gluteal Skin Thickness and Cutaneous Nociceptor Distribution in Horses and Humans. Tong, Lydia; Stewart, Melinda; Johnson, Ian; Appleyard, Richard; Wilson, Bethany; James, Olivia; Joh Nov 1, 2020 7038
Identification of Body Behaviors and Facial Expressions Associated with Induced Orthopedic Pain in Four Equine Pain Scales. Ask, Katrina; Rhodin, Marie; Tamminen, Lena-Mari; Hernlund, Elin; Andersen, Pia Haubro Nov 1, 2020 7987
The Development of a Novel Questionnaire Approach to the Investigation of Horse Training, Management, and Behaviour. Fenner, Kate; Dashper, Katherine; Serpell, James; McLean, Andrew; Wilkins, Cristina; Klinck, Mary; W Report Nov 1, 2020 6129
An Unusual Case of Testicular Disorder in Sex Development of Arabian Mare (64,XX SRY-Negative). Peretti, Vincenzo; Satue, Katiuska; Ciotola, Francesca; Cristarella, Santo; De Majo, Massimo; Biondi Nov 1, 2020 5591
The Effect of a Physiotherapy Intervention on Thoracolumbar Posture in Horses. Shakeshaft, Amy; Tabor, Gillian Report Nov 1, 2020 4332
Validation of the Equine Behaviour Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ): A New Survey Instrument for Exploring and Monitoring the Domestic Equine Triad. Fenner, Kate; Matlock, Sarah; Williams, Jane; Wilson, Bethany; McLean, Andrew; Serpell, James; McGre Report Nov 1, 2020 7396
Protective Effect of Silibinin on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Responses in Equine Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, an In Vitro Study. Gugliandolo, Enrico; Crupi, Rosalia; Biondi, Vito; Licata, Patrizia; Cuzzocrea, Salvatore; Passantin Report Nov 1, 2020 4274
Appraising the Welfare of Thoroughbred Racehorses in Training in Queensland, Australia: The Incidence and Type of Musculoskeletal Injuries Vary between Two-Year-Old and Older Thoroughbred Racehorses. Crawford, Kylie L.; Finnane, Anna; Greer, Ristan M.; Phillips, Clive J.C.; Woldeyohannes, Solomon M. Nov 1, 2020 10353
Bioaccumulation of Mineral Elements in Different Biological Substrates of Athletic Horse from Messina, Italy. Fazio, Francesco; Gugliandolo, Enrico; Nava, Vincenzo; Piccione, Giuseppe; Giannetto, Claudia; Licat Oct 1, 2020 5053
Current Trends in Understanding and Managing Equine Rhodococcosis. Rakowska, Alicja; Cywinska, Anna; Witkowski, Lucjan Oct 1, 2020 7455
Comparative Analysis of Intestinal Helminth Infections in Colic and Non-Colic Control Equine Patients. Gehlen, Heidrun; Wulke, Nadine; Ertelt, Antonia; Nielsen, Martin K.; Morelli, Simone; Traversa, Dona Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 7188
Nanoparticles from Equine Fetal Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Enhance the Survival of Injured Chondrocytes. Kim, Ki Hoon; Park, Tae Sub; Cho, Byung-Wook; Kim, Tae Min Oct 1, 2020 8601
Evaluation of the Accuracy of Horse Body Weight Estimation Methods. Gorniak, Wanda; Wieliczko, Martyna; Soroko, Maria; Korczynski, Mariusz Oct 1, 2020 4132
Survey of Risk Factors and Genetic Characterization of Ewe Neck in a World Population of Pura Raza Espanol Horses. Ripolles, Maria; Sanchez-Guerrero, Maria J.; Perdomo-Gonzalez, Davinia I.; Azor, Pedro; Valera, Merc Oct 1, 2020 7145
Efficiency of Tris-Based Extender Steridyl for Semen Cryopreservation in Stallions. Nikitkina, Elena; dray, Artem Musi; Krutikova, Anna; Anipchenko, Polina; Plemyashov, Kirill; Shiryae Oct 1, 2020 4685
Family farm is also a tree sanctuary and a home for rescued Taal horses. Sep 6, 2020 2614
The Presence of D-Penicillamine during the In Vitro Capacitation of Stallion Spermatozoa Prolongs Hyperactive-Like Motility and Allows for Sperm Selection by Thermotaxis. Ruiz-Diaz, Sara; Oseguera-Lopez, Ivan; Cuesta-Diaz, David De La; Garcia-Lopez, Belen; Serres, Consue Report Sep 1, 2020 9254
Oral Supplementation with Ultramicronized Palmitoylethanolamide for Joint Disease and Lameness Management in Four Jumping Horses: A Case Report. Gugliandolo, Enrico; Barbagallo, Alfio; Peritore, Alessio Filippo; Cuzzocrea, Salvatore; Crupi, Rosa Report Sep 1, 2020 4886
Changes in Salivary Analytes of Horses Due to Circadian Rhythm and Season: A Pilot Study. Contreras-Aguilar, Maria D.; Lamy, Elsa; Escribano, Damian; Ceron, Jose J.; Tecles, Fernando; Quiles Report Sep 1, 2020 4069
A Genetic Window on Sardinian Native Horse Breeds through Uniparental Molecular Systems. Giontella, Andrea; Cardinali, Irene; Pieramati, Camillo; Cherchi, Raffaele Report Sep 1, 2020 4720
Horses Used for Educational Purposes in New Zealand: A Descriptive Analysis of Their Use for Teaching. Guinnefollau, Laureline; Gee, Erica K.; Norman, Elizabeth J.; Rogers, Chris W. Report Sep 1, 2020 5195
Association between Disease Severity, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Serum Cortisol Concentrations in Horses with Acute Abdominal Pain. Gehlen, Heidrun; Faust, Maria-Dorothee; Grzeskowiak, Remigiusz M. Report Sep 1, 2020 8305
The Contribution of Mutual Grooming to Affiliative Relationships in a Feral Misaki Horse Herd. Shimada, Masaki; Suzuki, Nae Report Sep 1, 2020 6203
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Polish Konik Horse Based on Individuals from All the Male Founder Lines and Microsatellite Markers. Fornal, Agnieszka; Kowalska, Katarzyna; Zabek, Tomasz; Piestrzynska-Kajtoch, Agata Report Sep 1, 2020 5340
Differences in Endocrine and Cardiac Changes in Mares and Her Fetus before, during, and after Parturition in Horses of Different Size. Nagel, Christina; Melchert, Maria; Aurich, Christine; Aurich, Jorg Report Sep 1, 2020 5418
Maxillary Incisors of the Horse before and at the Beginning of the Teeth Shedding: Radiographic and CT Study. Miro, Francisco; Manso, Carla; Diz, Andres; Novales, Manuel Report Sep 1, 2020 8107
Building Bridges between Theory and Practice: How Citizen Science Can Bring Equine Researchers and Practitioners Together. Fenner, Kate; Dashper, Katherine; Wilkins, Cristina; Serpell, James; McLean, Andrew; Wilson, Bethany Report Sep 1, 2020 6049
Prevalence and Distribution of Lesions in the Nasal Bones and Mandibles of a Sample of 144 Riding Horses. Perez-Manrique, Lucia; Leon-Perez, Karina; Zamora-Sanchez, Emmanuel; Davies, Sarah; Ober, Christophe Report Sep 1, 2020 8685
Effects of Pre-Cooling on Thermophysiological Responses in Elite Eventing Horses. Klous, Lisa; Siegers, Esther; Broek, Jan van den; Folkerts, Mireille; Gerrett, Nicola; Oldruitenborg Report Sep 1, 2020 7368
Susceptibility to Size Visual Illusions in a Non-Primate Mammal (Equus caballus). Cappellato, Anansi; Petrazzini, Maria Elena Miletto; Bisazza, Angelo; Dadda, Marco; Agrillo, Christi Report Sep 1, 2020 4806
The Potential of Human-Horse Attachment in Creating Favorable Settings for Professional Care: A Study of Adolescents' Visit to a Farm. Tormalehto, Erna; Korkiamaki, Riikka Report Sep 1, 2020 9880
Tour guide sets up fund drive for horses of iconic Intramuros 'kalesas'. Aug 14, 2020 730
Novel Equine Faecal Egg Diagnostics: Validation of the [FECPAK.sup.G2]. Tyson, Fiona; Dalesman, Sarah; Brophy, Peter M.; Morphew, Russell M. Aug 1, 2020 4856
Genetic Variability in the Italian Heavy Draught Horse from Pedigree Data and Genomic Information. Mancin, Enrico; Ablondi, Michela; Mantovani, Roberto; Pigozzi, Giuseppe; Sabbioni, Alberto; Sartori, Aug 1, 2020 10546
Effects of High Intensity Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Tendon and Ligament Injuries in Performance Horses. Zielinska, Paulina; Nicpon, Jakub; Kielbowicz, Zdzislaw; Soroko, Maria; Dudek, Krzysztof; Zaborski, Aug 1, 2020 6120
Time-Budget of Horses Reared for Meat Production: Influence of Stocking Density on Behavioural Activities and Subsequent Welfare. Raspa, Federica; Tarantola, Martina; Bergero, Domenico; Nery, Joana; Visconti, Alice; Mastrazzo, Chi Report Aug 1, 2020 7278
Genetic Structure Analysis of the Pura Raza Espanol Horse Population through Partial Inbreeding Coefficient Estimation. Perdomo-Gonzalez, Davinia I.; Sanchez-Guerrero, Maria J.; Molina, Antonio; Valera, Mercedes Aug 1, 2020 7802
Luminal and Mucosal Microbiota of the Cecum and Large Colon of Healthy and Diarrheic Horses. Arroyo, Luis G.; Rossi, Laura; Santos, Bruna P.; Gomez, Diego E.; Surette, Michael G.; Costa, Marcio Aug 1, 2020 4924
Can Endocrine Dysfunction Be Reliably Tested in Aged Horses That Are Experiencing Pain? Gehlen, Heidrun; Jaburg, Nina; Merle, Roswitha; Winter, Judith Aug 1, 2020 9158
Basic Studies on the Oxidative Stress Markers in Two Types of Horse Breed: Semi-isolated Population of Huculs Is Different from Commercially Used Arabian Horses. Bazanow, Barbara A.; Chetmecka, Elzbieta; Romuk, Ewa; Stygar, Dominika M. Report Jul 31, 2020 5652
Sample Entropy Analysis of Horses with and without Lameness at Trot before and after Sedation. Zhao, Jing; Marghitu, Dan B.; Rane, Amey; Schumacher, John Report Jul 31, 2020 3277
Simulation Study on the Integration of Health Traits in Horse Breeding Programs. Buttgen, Lisa; Geibel, Johannes; Simianer, Henner; Pook, Torsten Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 5827
Effect of Human Attachment Style on Horse Behaviour and Physiology during Equine-Assisted Activities--A Pilot Study. Arrazola, Aitor; Merkies, Katrina Report Jul 1, 2020 6388
Identification and Functional Annotation of Genes Related to Horses' Performance: From GWAS to Post-GWAS. Littiere, Thayssa O.; Castro, Gustavo H.F.; del Pilar R. Rodriguez, Maria; Bonafe, Cristina M.; Maga Report Jul 1, 2020 11266
Prevalence of Ca Blood Type and Alloantibodies in a Population of Horses from Italy. Proverbio, Daniela; Perego, Roberta; Baggiani, Luciana; Ferrucci, Francesco; Zucca, Enrica; Nobile, Report Jul 1, 2020 5038
Historical Changes and Description of the Current Hungarian Hucul Horse Population. Posta, Janos; Somogyvari, Eniko; Mihok, Sandor Jul 1, 2020 5683
How Is Your Horse Talk?. Sperry, John L. Jul 1, 2020 657
How Not to Buy a Horse. Jul 1, 2020 545
Unleavened. Frank, Matthew Gavin Poem Jun 22, 2020 344
Horse Magic. Ebenbach, David Harris Poem Jun 22, 2020 179
Horse Behavior, Physiology and Emotions during Habituation to a Treadmill. Masko, Malgorzata; Domino, Malgorzata; Lewczuk, Dorota; Jasinski, Tomasz; Gajewski, Zdzislaw Report Jun 1, 2020 9486
Morphometric Characteristics of the Skull in Horses and Donkeys--A Pilot Study. Merkies, Katrina; Paraschou, Georgios; McGreevy, Paul Damien Report Jun 1, 2020 6009
Genetic Diversity and Signatures of Selection in a Native Italian Horse Breed Based on SNP Data. Ablondi, Michela; Dadousis, Christos; Vasini, Matteo; Eriksson, Susanne; Mikko, Sofia; Sabbioni, Alb Jun 1, 2020 8186
Genetic Variability and Population Structure in the Sardinian Anglo-Arab Horse. Sarti, Andrea Giontella Francesca Maria; Cardinali, Irene; Giovannini, Samira; Cherchi, Raffaele; La Jun 1, 2020 5545
Efficiency of Semen Cryopreservation in Stallions. Aurich, Jorg; Kuhl, Juliane; Tichy, Alexander; Aurich, Christine Jun 1, 2020 5362
Application of a Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram and Its Relationship with Gait in a Convenience Sample of 60 Riding Horses. Dyson, Sue; Pollard, Danica Jun 1, 2020 8520
Combining Threshold, Thurstonian and Classical Linear Models in Horse Genetic Evaluations for Endurance Competitions. Cervantes, Isabel; Gutierrez, Juan Pablo; Garcia-Ballesteros, Silvia; Varona, Luis Jun 1, 2020 7301
Edition of Prostaglandin E2 Receptors EP2 and EP4 by CRISPR/Cas9 Technology in Equine Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Macanares, Ana Carolina Furlanetto; Cabezas, Joel; Manriquez, Jose; de Oliveira, Vanessa Cristina; A Jun 1, 2020 7773
Genetics of Lifetime Reproductive Performance in Italian Heavy Draught Horse Mares. Mantovani, Roberto; Folia, Fabio; Pigozzi, Giuseppe; Tsuruta, Shogo; Sartori, Cristina Jun 1, 2020 8145
Welfare of Free-Roaming Horses: 70 Years of Experience with Konik Polski Breeding in Poland. Gorecka-Bruzda, Aleksandra; Jaworski, Zbigniew; Jaworska, Joanna; Siemieniuch, Marta Jun 1, 2020 8978
Genetic Parameters of Linear Type Traits Scored at 30 Months in Italian Heavy Draught Horse. Folia, Fabio; Sartori, Cristina; Mancin, Enrico; Pigozzi, Giuseppe; Mantovani, Roberto Jun 1, 2020 11890
No Prescription, No Problem! A Mixed-Methods Study of Antimicrobial Stewardship Relating to Working Equines in Drug Retail Outlets of Northern India. Nye, Caroline; Watson, Tamlin; Kubasiewicz, Laura; Raw, Zoe; Burden, Faith Report Jun 1, 2020 6550
The Reported Use of Nosebands in Racing and Equestrian Pursuits. Weller, Dominic; Franklin, Samantha; Shea, Glenn; White, Peter; Fenner, Kate; Wilson, Bethany; Wilki Report May 1, 2020 11448
Does Thirty-Minute Standardised Training Improve the Inter-Observer Reliability of the Horse Grimace Scale (HGS)? A Case Study. Dai, Francesca; Leach, Matthew; MacRae, Amelia Mari; Minero, Michela; Costa, Emanuela Dalla Case study May 1, 2020 3407
Documenting the Welfare and Role of Working Equids in Rural Communities of Portugal and Spain. Haddy, Emily; Rodrigues, Joao B.; Raw, Zoe; Burden, Faith; Proops, Leanne May 1, 2020 8311
Genetic Parameters and Inbreeding Effect of Morphological Traits in Sardinian Anglo Arab Horse. Giontella, Andrea; Sarti, Francesca Maria; Biggio, Giovanni Paolo; Giovannini, Samira; Cherchi, Raff May 1, 2020 4785
Evolution of In Vitro Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Equine Clinical Isolates in France between 2016 and 2019. Leon, Albertine; Castagnet, Sophie; Maillard, Karine; Paillot, Romain; Giard, Jean-Christophe May 1, 2020 6460
Mitochondrial DNA Survey Reveals the Lack of Accuracy in Maremmano Horse Studbook Records. Giontella, Andrea; Cardinali, Irene; Lancioni, Hovirag; Giovannini, Samira; Pieramati, Camillo; Silv May 1, 2020 5003
The In Vitro Inhibitory Effect of Sivelestat on Elastase Induced Collagen and Metallopeptidase Expression in Equine Endometrium. Amaral, Ana; Fernandes, Carina; Rebordao, Maria Rosa; Szostek-Mioduchowska, Anna; Lukasik, Karolina; May 1, 2020 9261
Comparative Semen Microbiota Composition of a Stallion in a Taylorella equigenitalis Carrier and Non-Carrier State. Quinones-Perez, Carlota; Martinez, Amparo; Crespo, Francisco; Vega-Pla, Jose Luis May 1, 2020 3918
Rare Generalized Form of Fungal Dermatitis in a Horse: Case Report. Padalino, Barbara; Sandy, Jeanine Rhoda; Barrasso, Roberta; Trotta, Adriana; Bozzo, Giancarlo; Cafar Report May 1, 2020 5393
Mobility and Invasion Related Gene Expression Patterns in Equine Sarcoid. Podstawski, Przemyslaw; Witarski, Wojciech; Bugno-Poniewierska, Tomasz Szmatola Monika; Ropka-Molik, May 1, 2020 4389
Study of the Metabolomics of Equine Preovulatory Follicular Fluid: A Way to Improve Current In Vitro Maturation Media. Fernandez-Hernandez, Pablo; Sanchez-Calabuig, Maria Jesus; Garcia-Marin, Luis Jesus; Bragado, Maria May 1, 2020 6183
Mouth Pain in Horses: Physiological Foundations, Behavioural Indices, Welfare Implications, and a Suggested Solution. Mellor, David J. Report Apr 1, 2020 16650
Horse Transport to Three South American Horse Slaughterhouses: A Descriptive Study. Nivelle, Beke; Vermeulen, Liesbeth; Van Beirendonck, Sanne; Van Thielen, Jos; Driessen, Bert Report Apr 1, 2020 13464
The Oxidative Stress Markers of Horses--the Comparison with Other Animals and the Influence of Exercise and Disease. Shono, Saori; Gin, Azusa; Minowa, Fumiko; Okubo, Kimihiro; Mochizuki, Mariko Apr 1, 2020 4953
The Healthy and Diseased Equine Endometrium: A Review of Morphological Features and Molecular Analyses. Schoniger, Sandra; Schoon, Heinz-Adolf Apr 1, 2020 11382
Parasite Occurrence and Parasite Management in Swedish Horses Presenting with Gastrointestinal Disease--A Case-Control Study. Hedberg-Alm, Ylva; Penell, Johanna; Riihimaki, Miia; Osterman-Lind, Eva; Nielsen, Martin K.; Tyden, Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 11854
Temporary Relocation during Rest Periods: Relocation Stress and Other Factors Influence Hair Cortisol Concentrations in Horses. Gardela, Jaume; Carbajal, Annais; Tallo-Parra, Oriol; Olvera-Maneu, Sergi; Alvarez-Rodriguez, Manuel Apr 1, 2020 5768
Determining a Welfare Prioritization for Horses Using a Delphi Method. Rioja-Lang, Fiona C.; Connor, Melanie; Bacon, Heather; Dwyer, Cathy M. Apr 1, 2020 9166
A Radiographic Technique for Assessment of Morphologic Variations of the Equine Caudal Cervical Spine. Gee, Christine; Small, Alison; Shorter, Kathleen; Brown, Wendy Y. Apr 1, 2020 3622
Lineal Discrimination of Horses and Mules. A Sympatric Case from Arauca, Colombia. Salamanca-Carreno, Arcesio; Jordana, Jordi; Crosby-Granados, Rene Alejandro; Bentez-Molano, Jannet; Apr 1, 2020 2425
On-Farm Welfare Assessment of Horses: The Risks of Putting the Cart before the Horse. Hausberger, Martine; Lerch, Noemie; Guilbaud, Estelle; Stomp, Mathilde; Grandgeorge, Marine; Henry, Report Mar 1, 2020 13196
Welfare Assessment and Husbandry Practices of Working Horses in Fiji. Frohlich, Navina; Sells, Patrick D.; Sommerville, Rebecca; Bolwell, Charlotte F.; Cantley, Charlotte Report Mar 1, 2020 9097
Common Feeding Practices Pose A Risk to the Welfare of Horses When Kept on Non-Edible Bedding. Baumgartner, Miriam; Boisson, Theresa; Erhard, Michael H.; Zeitler-Feicht, Margit H. Report Mar 1, 2020 9117
Reported Behavioural Differences between Geldings and Mares Challenge Sex-Driven Stereotypes in Ridden Equine Behaviour. Aune, Anna; Fenner, Kate; Wilson, Bethany; Cameron, Elissa; McLean, Andrew; McGreevy, Paul Report Mar 1, 2020 7991
Evaluation of Stress Response under a Standard Euthanasia Protocol in Horses Using Analysis of Heart Rate Variability. Gehlen, Heidrun; Loschelder, Johanna; Merle, Roswitha; Walther, Maike Report Mar 1, 2020 5364
Identification and Quantification of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) in Equine Articular Tissue. Braucke, Anne Frank Gallagher vom; Frederiksen, Nanna Lysemose; Berg, Lise Charlotte; Aarsvold, Stac Report Mar 1, 2020 7541
Calcium Electroporation of Equine Sarcoids. Frandsen, Stine K.; Gehl, Julie; Tramm, Trine; Thoefner, Martin S. Report Mar 1, 2020 5472
Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Characterization of Multidrug Resistant and ESBL/AmpC Producing Escherichia coli in Healthy Horses in Quebec, Canada, in 2015-2016. Lagarde, Maud de; Fairbrother, John M.; Arsenault, Julie Report Mar 1, 2020 7316
Genetic Differentiation of the Two Types of Polish Cold-blooded Horses Included in the National Conservation Program. Gurgul, Artur; Jasielczuk, Igor; Semik-Gurgul, Ewelina; Pawlina-Tyszko, Klaudia; Szmatoia, Tomasz; P Report Mar 1, 2020 5455
Generation of Domains for the Equine Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Outcome Score: Development by Expert Consensus. Tabor, Gillian; Nankervis, Kathryn; Fernandes, John; Williams, Jane Report Feb 1, 2020 8022
In-Person Caretaker Visits Disrupt Ongoing Discomfort Behavior in Hospitalized Equine Orthopedic Surgical Patients. Torcivia, Catherine; McDonnell, Sue Report Feb 1, 2020 3493
Horses Failed to Learn from Humans by Observation. Rorvang, Maria Vilain; Nielsen, Tina Bach; Christensen, Janne Winther Report Feb 1, 2020 6578
Combined Effects of Water Depth and Velocity on the Accelerometric Parameters Measured in Horses Exercised on a Water Treadmill. Saitua, Aritz; Becero, Mireya; Arguelles, David; Castejon-Riber, Cristina; de Medina, Antonia Sanche Report Feb 1, 2020 7308
Effect of Linseed (Linum usitatissimum) Groats-Based Mixed Feed Supplements on Diet Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Parameters of Horses. Saastamoinen, Markku; Sarkijarvi, Susanna Report Feb 1, 2020 7039
Extended-Spectrum [beta]-lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae Shedding in Farm Horses Versus Hospitalized Horses: Prevalence and Risk Factors. Shnaiderman-Torban, Anat; Navon-Venezia, Shiri; Dor, Ziv; Paitan, Yossi; Arielly, Haia; Ahmad, Wiess Author abstract Feb 1, 2020 9719
A Retrospective Survey of Factors Affecting the Risk of Incidents and Equine Injury During Non-Commercial Transportation by Road in the United Kingdom. Hall, Carol; Kay, Rachel; Green, Jim Report Feb 1, 2020 10079
Indicators of Horse Welfare: State-of-the-Art. Lesimple, Clemence Report Feb 1, 2020 11914
Equid Assessment, Research and Scoping (EARS): The Development and Implementation of a New Equid Welfare Assessment and Monitoring Tool. Raw, Zoe; Rodrigues, Joao B.; Rickards, Karen; Ryding, Joe; Norris, Stuart L.; Judge, Andrew; Kubasi Report Feb 1, 2020 8314
The Effect of Kinesiotape on Flexion-Extension of the Thoracolumbar Back in Horses at Trot. Ericson, Cajsa; Stenfeldt, Pernilla; Hardeman, Aagje; Jacobson, Inger Report Feb 1, 2020 7466
Models Based on the Mitscherlich Equation for Describing Typical and Atypical Gas Production Profiles Obtained from In Vitro Digestibility Studies Using Equine Faecal Inoculum. Powell, Christopher D.; Dhanoa, Mewa S.; Garber, Anna; Murray, Jo-Anne M.D.; Lopez, Secundino; Ellis Report Feb 1, 2020 10064
Genetic Characterization of Piroplasms in Donkeys and Horses from Nigeria. Idoko, Idoko Sunday; Tirosh-Levy, Sharon; Mazuz, Monica Leszkowicz; Adam, Babagana Mohammed; Garba, Report Feb 1, 2020 4284
Broad-Spectrum Cephalosporin-Resistant Klebsiella spp. Isolated from Diseased Horses in Austria. Loncaric, Igor; Rosel, Adriana Cabal; Szostak, Michael P.; Licka, Theresia; Allerberger, Franz; Rupp Report Feb 1, 2020 4518
Comparative Transcriptomics Analysis of Testicular miRNA from Cryptorchid and Normal Horses. Han, Haoyuan; Chen, Qiuming; Gao, Yuan; Li, Jun; Li, Wantao; Dang, Ruihua; Lei, Chuzhao Report Feb 1, 2020 5974
Distribution of Superficial Body Temperature in Horses Ridden by Two Riders with Varied Body Weights. Wilk, Izabela; Wnuk-Pawlak, Elzbieta; Janczarek, Iwona; Kaczmarek, Beata; Dybczynska, Marta; Przetac Report Feb 1, 2020 6032
Equine Milk Production and Valorization of Marginal Areas--A Review. Miraglia, Nicoletta; Salimei, Elisabetta; Fantuz, Francesco Report Feb 1, 2020 10547
Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Horse Feeding and Management Practices to Reduce the Risk of Atypical Myopathy. Votion, Dominique-Marie; Francois, Anne-Christine; Kruse, Caroline; Renaud, Benoit; Farinelle, Arnau Report Feb 1, 2020 7486
Optimising the Efficacy of Equine Welfare Communications: Do Equine Stakeholders Differ in Their Information-Seeking Behaviour and Communication Preferences? Pickering, Persephone; Hockenhull, Jo Report Jan 1, 2020 8862
Leptospira Seroprevalence in Bardigiano Horses in Northern Italy. Vera, Elena; Taddei, Simone; Cavirani, Sandro; Schiavi, Jennifer; Angelone, Mario; Cabassi, Clotilde Report Jan 1, 2020 4974
The Occurrence and Characterization of Extended-Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Diagnostic Specimens of Equine Origin. Elias, Leta; Gillis, David C.; Gurrola-Rodriguez, Tanya; Jeon, Jeong Ho; Lee, Jung Hun; Kim, Tae Yeo Report Jan 1, 2020 9301
Differential Defecation of Solid and Liquid Phases in Horses--A Descriptive Survey. Lindroth, Katrin M.; Johansen, Astrid; Baverud, Viveca; Dicksved, Johan; Lindberg, Jan Erik; Muller, Report Jan 1, 2020 8301
Increased Rider Weight Did Not Induce Changes in Behavior and Physiological Parameters in Horses. Christensen, Janne Winther; Bathellier, Suzie; Rhodin, Marie; Palme, Rupert; Uldahl, Mette Report Jan 1, 2020 5909
Transcriptomic Analysis of Testicular Gene Expression in Normal and Cryptorchid Horses. Han, Haoyuan; Dong, Hong; Chen, Qiuming; Gao, Yuan; Li, Jun; Li, Wantao; Dang, Ruihua; Lei, Chuzhao Report Jan 1, 2020 6322
Green Assets of Equines in the European Context of the Ecological Transition of Agriculture. Rzekec, Agata; Vial, Celine; Bigot, Genevieve Report Jan 1, 2020 12914
Relationship between Resting and Recovery Heart Rate in Horses. Lindner, Arno; Esser, Martina; Lopez, Ramon; Boffi, Federico Report Jan 1, 2020 4632
The Effect of Diet Composition on the Digestibility and Fecal Excretion of Phosphorus in Horses: A Potential Risk of P Leaching? Saastamoinen, Markku; Valtonen, Susanna Sarkijarvi Elisa Report Jan 1, 2020 8828
A Ten-Stage Protocol for Assessing the Welfare of Individual Non-Captive Wild Animals: Free-Roaming Horses (Equus Ferus Caballus) as an Example. Harvey, Andrea M.; Beausoleil, Ngaio J.; Ramp, Daniel; Mellor, David J. Report Jan 1, 2020 12491
Effects of Transport Conditions on Behavioural and Physiological Responses of Horses. Padalino, Barbara; Raidal, Sharanne L. Report Jan 1, 2020 10446
Social Referencing in the Domestic Horse. Schrimpf, Anne; Single, Marie-Sophie; Nawroth, Christian Report Jan 1, 2020 7873
Find Me a Horse. Snyder, William, Jr. Poem Sep 22, 2019 449
Levade. Mceldowney, Jill Poem Mar 22, 2019 101
Effects of exercise on myokine gene expression in horse skeletal muscles. Lee, Hyo Gun; Choi, Jae-Young; Park, Jung-Woong; Park, Tae Sub; Song, Ki-Duk; Shin, Donghyun; Cho, B Report Mar 1, 2019 3946
Scaffolding Artistic Accomplishment with Stories and Art. Arnold, Alice Jan 29, 2019 955
Fraud in Horse Sales: Florida's Rule 5H and Unfair and Deceptive Acts by Equine Sellers, Agents, and Others. Chapman, Avery S. Nov 1, 2018 6624
A Horse Skull with Hands. Gibson, Stephen Sonnet Sep 22, 2018 150
Estimation of genetic parameters for temperament in Jeju crossbred horses. Kim, Nam Young; Sona, Jun Kyu; Cho, In Cheol; Shin, Sang Min; Park, Seol Hwa; Seong, Pil Nam; Woo, J Report Aug 1, 2018 3571
Analysis of cross-population differentiation between Thoroughbred and Jeju horses. Lee, Wonseok; Park, Kyung-Do; Taye, Mengistie; Lee, Chul; Kim, Heebal; Lee, Hak-Kyo; Shin, Donghyun Report Aug 1, 2018 5084
The Equine Influenza Outbreak in Pakistan 2016: Seroprevalence and Geo-Temporal Epidemiology of a Large Propagating Outbreak. Khan, Amjad; Mushtaq, Muhammad Hassan; Ahmad, Mansur ud Din; Nazir, Jawad; Fatima, Zahida; Khan, Asg Report Apr 30, 2018 3108
Consider the value of equine therapy: Equine programs can offer patients the opportunity to learn problem solving skills while enjoying the company of amazing animals. Albright, Brian Jan 1, 2018 1280
Needle Paracentesis for Management of Ocular Setariasis - A Study of Eight Horses. Singh, K.P.; Singh, Saurabh; Singh, R.V.; Singh, Praneeta; Singh, S.K. Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1639
Therapeutic Management of Microfilariasis in a Mare. Sharma, Maneesh; Kumar, Tarun; Jangir, Babu Lal; Sindhu, Neelesh Report Jan 1, 2018 760
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Homecoming. Tanaka, Yuki Poem Jan 1, 2018 212
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Look at that face! Scientists discover that horses make facial expressions, just like people. Barba, Jacqueline May 1, 2017 2158
Wandering Off. Burrell, Elijah Poem Mar 22, 2017 182
Where have all the equine veterinarians gone? For many owners, there is nobody to call when a horse gets sick or injured. Cook, Jerri L. Jan 1, 2017 1718
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Treatment of an Esophageal Stricture in a 1-Month-Old Miniature Shetland Colt. Nijdam, P.; Elmas, C.; Fugazzola, M.C. Case study Jan 1, 2017 2416
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ARTICULATION. Morrissey, Sinead Poem Sep 22, 2016 285
The Death of Valentino. Sarzotti, Jo Poem Sep 22, 2016 172
Faster. Johnson, Kimberly Poem Sep 22, 2016 183
Alchemical Horse: The Art of Transformation in D.H. Lawrence's St. Mawr. La Rubia-Prado, Francisco Critical essay Sep 22, 2016 13156
Peace lessons from a war horse. Hamilton, Allan J. Sep 1, 2016 2088
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A comment worth sharing. Brief article Aug 21, 2016 145
FA(c)dA(c)ration Equestre Internationale ships Olympic horses to Rio. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 162
The Collection of the Canter. Becker, Robin (American poet) Poem Jul 1, 2016 476
Make a balancing horse. Instructions Jul 1, 2016 312
Draw a horse. Wales, Andrew Instructions Jul 1, 2016 222
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Horse or Boyfriend? Jun 30, 2016 122
Missing a horse: Richard and White Surrey. Sheen, Erica Essay Jun 22, 2016 6432
El ascenso y la caida del sonador de caballos en el teatro de Sam Shepard. Fernandez-Caparros Turina, Ana Critical essay Jun 1, 2016 8205
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Changes in salivary cortisol concentration in horses during different types of exercise. Kang, Ok-Deuk; Lee, Wang-Shik Report May 1, 2016 4518
A White Horse Is Murdered. Apr 25, 2016 816
Learning to Walk. Gaffney, Ginger Nonfiction work Mar 22, 2016 4707
Basics to horse hoof care. Farcus, Bryan S. Mar 1, 2016 633
To shoe or not to shoe: what is a person to do? Farcus, Bryan Mar 1, 2016 1498
Long-Term Outcome of En Bloc Extensive Resection of the Penis and Prepuce Associated with a Permanent Perineal Urethrostomy in a Gelding Affected by Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Stratico, Paola; Varasano, Vincenzo; Celani, Gianluca; Suriano, Riccardo; Petrizzi, Lucio Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 3807
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Build trust with your horse: forge a strong and lasting relationship with your horse for years of joy and service together. Cearley, Jamie Nov 1, 2015 1362
The Water Blue from Sorrow. Glancy, Diane Poem Nov 1, 2015 210
Suddenly There Is the Horse. Orono, Tatiana Nov 1, 2015 269
Imagination's Steed. Makofske, Mary Poem Sep 22, 2015 261
The Horse Whisperer. Smith, Mark (American novelist) Poem Sep 22, 2015 179
From the Horse's Mouth. Mayer, Barbara J. Poem Sep 22, 2015 166
The federal government is giving $275,000 to veterans' organizations for a study on the effects of horses on the rehabilitation of traumatized veterans. Peate, Les Brief article Sep 1, 2015 191
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A second-chance for horses: Dream Catcher's horse therapy and rescue saves unwanted horses and uses them for therapy. Kelly, Shirley Jul 1, 2015 561
Fritz: war "trophy" horse. Gordon, Bob Jul 1, 2015 401
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PASTURE ACCIDENT. Emerson, Claudia Poem Mar 22, 2015 191
The future lives here: Bozeman loves horses. And high-tech. Hugh Delehanty explores the Montana town where old west gallops into new. Delehanty, Hugh Feb 1, 2015 1703
Domestication did horses no favors. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Jan 10, 2015 208
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The post-humanist gaze: reading Fanie Jason's photo essay on carting lives. Woodward, Wendy Dec 1, 2014 6079
Faulkner county equine sanctuary: 120-acre sallis ranch provides way station for horses in need. Waldon, George Nov 24, 2014 1545
Vital signs: what's normal for your horse? Timonen, Hannah Nov 1, 2014 1053
Hoof care ~ as he ages. Farcus, Bryan Nov 1, 2014 588
Horses on the mesa. Deneke, Karin Nov 1, 2014 1245
A Young Horse. Blandiana, Ana Poem Nov 1, 2014 284
Caring for horses eases symptoms of dementia. Oct 1, 2014 390
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With horses. Kolosov, Jacqueline Essay Sep 22, 2014 5271
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Primitive, Equine. Sutton, Pamela Poem Jul 1, 2014 271
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A Little Chat I'll Have with the Very Next Horse I Meet. Parker, Alan Michael Poem May 1, 2014 196
Horses don't share. Brunelle, Sally Lyn May 1, 2014 1047
Prevalence and Hematology of Tick Borne Hemoparasitic Diseases in Equines in and Around Lahore. Javed, Khadija; Ijaz, Muhammad; Ali, Muhammad Muddassir; Khan, Iahtasham; Mehmood, Khalid; Ali, Sada Report Apr 30, 2014 4496
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The Man with Three Horses. Dunn, Stephen Poem Nov 1, 2013 299
Current Population and Conservation Status of the Tibetan Wild Ass (Equus kiang) in the Arjin Mountain Nature Reserve, China. Turghan, Mardan; Ming Ma; Xiang Zhang; Tong Zhang; Ying Chen Report Oct 31, 2013 3985
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Hotel horse 'was in pain'. Oct 11, 2013 144
The Blue Horse. Cervine, Dane Poem Sep 22, 2013 198
Stopping with Our Daughters to Watch Horses. Caylor, Duane K. Sonnet Sep 22, 2013 192
How the End Begins: The Galloping Horses Collapse. Cruz, Cynthia Poem Sep 1, 2013 200
Does your horse suffer from "Farrier phobia"? It's not personal, just natural. Farcus, Bryan Sep 1, 2013 899
Ancient horse's DNA fills in picture of equine evolution: a 700,000-year-old fossil proves astoundingly well preserved. Saey, Tina Hesman Jul 27, 2013 746
From horses to humans. Wayman, Erin Brief article Jul 27, 2013 229
Good neighhh-bors! Horse's escape finds couple relying on the helping hands of the 'best neighbors anyone could have.'. Thornhill, Shana Jul 1, 2013 615
Dermatological affections in working horses and their clinical management. Gazi, Mohsin Ali; Makhdoomi, D.M. Report Jul 1, 2013 1996
Therapeutic management of scabies in a horse. Turkar, Sujata; Randhawa, S.S.; Singh, Harkirat Report Jul 1, 2013 812
Kan. inmates train wild horses. Brief article May 1, 2013 308
Horses leave a sour taste; COMMENT Park House, 191 - 197 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626. Mar 16, 2013 105
CRACKDOWN ON HORSE LICENCES; Coveney in pledge to avoid repeat of meat scandal. Mar 16, 2013 310
The benefits of equine assisted activities and therapies: research shows that individuals of all ages who participate in EAAT can experience physical and emotional rewards through the unique relationship formed with the horse. That, in turn, can lead to increased confidence, mobility and self-esteem. Kuropatkin, Lynn Cover story Mar 1, 2013 1851
Such cruelty to horses; views. Feb 19, 2013 280
Food think; Horse meat scandal only a symptom. Editorial Feb 17, 2013 499
Pet food warning to horse owners; Animals are being sold for just PS5. Jan 29, 2013 405
Move on these poor horses; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Jan 29, 2013 271
Wild over horses; LETTERS. Jan 27, 2013 161
Huge rise in horse slaughter in UK; InBrief. Jan 26, 2013 104
Horse meat drug linked to cancer 'may be in food chain' MP'S CLAIM FOLLOWS SCANDAL OVER MEAT USED IN BEEFBURGERS. Jan 25, 2013 528
HORSE MEAT LINK TO CANCER DRUG; Labour MP's fears for food chain. Jan 25, 2013 271
Royal Cavalry all set for first Horse Beauty Contest. Jan 13, 2013 187
1st Oman Horse Beauty Contest. Jan 13, 2013 164
Chaps to saddle up for horse initiative in city. Jan 10, 2013 360
Horses the real stars; LETTERS. Jan 6, 2013 153
The Horse Hoarder (C4, 8.30pm) Wrexham pensioner [...]. Jan 5, 2013 243
Megan: horse rescuer. Jan 1, 2013 439
Rebuilding and installation of the sensor heart rate monitor garmin forerunner 305 in the horse's saddle harness. Janzekovic, M.; Kraner Sumenjak, T.; Sustar, V.; Janzekovic, I.; Pajtler, A. Report Jan 1, 2013 3313
Clinical management of cutaneous vasculitis in a horse. Gupta, D.K.; Dhaliwal, P.S.; Chand, Naimi; Bansal, B.K. Report Jan 1, 2013 1035
A multigene approach for comparing genealogy of Betacoronavirus from cattle and horses. Barros, Iracema N.; Silva, Sheila O.S.; Neto, Francisco S. Nogueira; Asano, Karen M.; Souza, Sibele Report Jan 1, 2013 3593
The segmental morphometric properties of the horse cervical spinal cord: a study of cadaver. Bahar, Sadullah; Bolat, Durmus; Selcuk, Muhammet Lutfi Report Jan 1, 2013 7104
Pastor claims 'stroking horses can cure homosexuality'. Dec 30, 2012 127
Wet weather adds to mud fever fears; Skin disease cases in horses rise sharply as the rain keeps falling. Dec 29, 2012 444
The Horses. Craig, Hannah Poem Dec 22, 2012 217
Horse therapist on hunt for new field; Heavy rain puts vital service in peril. Dec 21, 2012 357
Veterinarian honored for work with horses; Recognized for efforts in developing nations. Dec 21, 2012 388
Goffs December National Hunt Sale - last King's Theatre foals go through the ring today. Theater review Dec 18, 2012 252
'Report cases of dumped horses' - AM. Dec 17, 2012 177
Brightwells Cheltenham December Horses In Training Sale - tomorrow. Dec 13, 2012 256
Village stages heavy horse festival with Lottery aid. Dec 7, 2012 262
Law dogs--and a horse. Dec 3, 2012 280
Nonprimate hepaciviruses in domestic horses, United Kingdom. Lyons, Sinead; Kapoor, Amit; Sharp, Colin; Schneider, Bradley S.; Wolfe, Nathan D.; Culshaw, Geoff; Report Dec 1, 2012 5593
Colour changes in meat of foals as affected by slaughtering age and post-thawing time. De Palo, P.; Maggiolino, A.; Centoducati, P.; Tateo, A. Report Dec 1, 2012 4144
New calling for Blue... Logging legacy in safe hands with this horse. Nov 30, 2012 421
Horses killed on the M1. Nov 26, 2012 140
A horse is a horse of course ... unless it's a robotic one called Queenie; Scheme gets you in saddle. Nov 24, 2012 428
Foreign tourists enjoy horse dance at Rajasthan's famed Pushkar Fair. Nov 24, 2012 284
Fast Company colt on top as Goffs buyers battle for first-crop foals. Nov 20, 2012 409
Cinemas and music halls blamed for inspiring 'infuriating mischief' Hoax calls asked for fire service and horse ambulance. Nov 13, 2012 544
Puerari bidding for more Group 1 glory; BIG WEEKEND FOR ... Round-up of studs, stallions and mares likely to be making the headlines around the world. Nov 10, 2012 513
Asbo for horse dealer who let animals stray. Nov 10, 2012 192
Problem of illegal horse grazing set to be tackled. Nov 8, 2012 119
Bug-killing horse brush nominated. Nov 1, 2012 194
Drug convict horse dealer cruelty fine; smuggling. Oct 31, 2012 144
Drug convict horse dealer cruelty fine; smuggling. Oct 31, 2012 142
PAIR JAILED FOR HORSE BOX DRUGS; Haul worth PS750k found. Oct 30, 2012 283
A Major star in the making; Netherton shire horse in gangster drama. Oct 26, 2012 532
Horses for courses. Oct 24, 2012 103
Shetland ponies found roaming streets of L8; City mum takes horse to police station. Oct 22, 2012 550
'Too many Book 3 horses in Book 2' WHAT THEY SAY. Oct 19, 2012 281

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