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Horse and hounds; Your say.

REGARDING a recent letter (26.11.11 High Street is in a mess), I need to put the record straight on this matter.

The most anti social littering to brace our streets, parks and grassland is dog foul and not horse manure.

I work shifts, so I see these dog owners often on early mornings and late at night (in all weathers) skulking in the shadows pretending the free roaming canine is not with them when violating outside.

Only a draconian measure can make the extreme dog owners take the reasonability of cleaning up after they pooch.

The amount of horse manure you see is far less than the amount of dog poop you see, as most the grassed area are totally littered with the by product of a dog and the evidence is all round to prove very few dog owners do clean up after their pooch.

Horse manure is far less hazardous and more or less harmless due to their grazing diet and won't cause blindness in humans.

As horse manure is an expensive and natural fertilizer I suggest the complainers put it on their rhubarb.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 30, 2011
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