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Horse Racing: Who wins can be put down to a number; 4.20 VODAFONE DERBY.

Byline: Lee Mottershead

MESSRS Segal, Williams and Delamere will explain on these pages the whys and wherefores of finding the winner of today's Vodafone Derby, but as great as their brains are, they have missed the obvious. It all boils down to the number ten and a bit of oomph energy, writes Lee Mottershead.

The magic number, it turns out, is not three but the one that comes between nine and 11. Since 1984, seven Derby winners have started from stall ten, whereas no other gate can boast more than two victors. Blessed with stall ten today is Archipenko.

The answer lies not with trivialities such as track position, ground or camber. It's about much more important stuff than that, according to Surrey-based numerologist Kay Kraty.

"Stall ten could be seen as lucky in inverted commas," she said. "It is congruent with a new start and an inspirational beginning, so any horse starting from a stall of that number is likely to get energy.

"Every number needs to be seen as a reflection. The number one reflects a sense of pioneering, of boldly going where no-one has gone before. It is a very visionary and very energetic number. Put simply, the number one is about oomph energy.

"The number zero acts like a mirror and makes more or less of the energy around it. In this case, it would seem to have made more of it."

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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 2, 2007
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