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Horse Racing: Shoe are you kiddin' Ben.


WHEN you wake in the morning and think of something to excite you, to really get the juices flowing, I bet you can think of dozens of adrenalin outlets - and I bet you none of them is shoeing horses!

One of the reasons jump jockey Ben Hitch-cott claimed he was quitting to become a farrier was he was "getting quite bored".

Bored? On half a ton of horseflesh thundering towards a fence? Barmy Ben must have the lowest of low tedium thresholds.

Now if he had said he was quitting to be Osama Bin Laden's chauffeur or even John Prescott's diary secretary to spice up his life, maximum respect!

DIDN'T know Roger Waters of Mogadon marvels Pink Floyd was a keen supporter of the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance.

All the way from Dark Side of the Moon to the Sunny Heart of Hertfordshire.

Feel free to replace the missing consonant with a more suitable one to re-title Waters' smash hit "Another *rick In The Wall."

What is it with these old hippies? They make a few million and suddenly lurch further to the right than Benito M ussolini on a bender.

Polo ponies, trips up the Amazon to take pretension to a new plateau, rubbing shoulders with Royalty.

As Ricky Tomlinson's alter ego Jim Royle would say, "Revolution my a***."

SIZE does matter, at least to wee Willie Carson. Now chairman of Swindon Town the diminutive Scot has sacked hulking boss Iffy Onoura and replaced him with dinky Dennis Wise who's a towering 5ft 6ins.

At least Willie will be able to look the new gaffer in the Adam's apple, way north of where he reached on big Iffy.

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Hitchcott: 'Quite bored'' Carson: Swindon boss
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 28, 2006
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