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Brian Evans, Helen Marie Bousquet, Mark Andrew Biltz

H Infinity Books Inc.

Hardcover: 9781619277892

e-ISBN: 9781619278080


It's hard to define the potential of a title using a single word, but Horrorscope does just that, using the dual reference to horoscopes and horror to let potential readers know just what they are getting into before the first page is cracked.

One of the main surprise twists of the story: a psychic is forced to relate her predictions to the mafia, allowing their crimes to go undetected--until someone in the mob questions her authenticity.

Now, Helen is used to giving candid readings: "Mary, he isn't that good a guy to begin with. Even if you ended up with him, he's a possessive guy, and you'd never be able to do the things you like with this guy. He's a jerk, and yeah, if you sit around waiting you'll probably hear from again. Everything, and I mean everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He says he loves you, but you know in your heart that you can't trust him. There's a reason he put a GPS on your phone. There's a reason he doesn't want you looking at his text messages when he's with you. You just fall for it and let it go, because you love him more than he loves you."

Her knowledge comes from impressions and otherworld sources she just can't identify; but when she gives a detective a clue that will lead him to three abducted children she begins to "... appear on radars, and some of them were the wrong ones."

It all boils down to belief and disbelief--and given Helen's abilities, it's hard for her clients not to believe, and they pass on their experiences to others who seek her services: some reluctantly, some desperately.

An underboss, betrayal, and an impossible beast that comes to life all add to an engrossing, slowly evolving story of horror and impossible events that immerse a detective in struggles he'd never have believed possible before meeting psychic little old lady Helen.

One doesn't expect a tiger to enter into this slowly-building house of horrors--but it does. In fact, one never knows what to expect in the maelstrom that surrounds Helen's abilities and her clients.

Suffice it to say that Horrorscope is a satisfying novel of intrigue, police and mob strikes and counterstrikes, and deception that builds a solid plot around believable protagonists and offers twists that are gripping. And be advised: if you liked Horrorscope, rumor has it that Horrorscope II is in the making ... the story is left open-ended just for this purpose.

Dian C. Donovan

Senior Reviewer

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Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2014
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