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Horror on Halloween.

Byline: By Sophie Doughty

Lurking among the witches' hats and monster masks lies a real Halloween horror.

Mother-of-two Theresa Brolly was horrified when she spotted this Pumpkin Carving Kit among more innocent novelties at her local Tesco.

Its three-inch serrated blade caught her eye as she browsed the shelves.

Mrs Brolly, 46, was so shocked she bought the 96p toy, which claims to be suitable for children over eight.

The teacher, of Elvaston Drive, in Hexham, scanned it through the self-service checkout, and now fears a child could do the same.

"As a mother, and a school-teacher I am worried about the prospect of having this around children," she said. "It is accessible to young children and it is a metal blade, not a plastic one. It is quite blunt but it is like a small screw driver, and you would not expect your child to play with a screwdriver, unsupervised."

Mrs Brolly made a complaint to staff at Tesco in Hexham but was told the shop would continue selling the toy. "I don't have any objection to the item itself.

"It's just the fact that it is being marketed as a toy," she added.

There is a safety warning on the packaging which says the product should be used under supervision.

A Tesco spokesman confirmed the product was not manufactured by the company and said all products sold in Tesco meet strict safety regulations.

"I'm sure that if we were to stock something like that it would have passed all the necessary tests," he said.

Mrs Brolly spotted a similar product in the Brockbush farm shop near Corbridge and since she spoke to staff.

Site manager, Ian Wharton said he had contacted trading standards to check sure it had not been recalled, and he has moved it away from the toys. Brocksbushes will now only sell the carving set to adults.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 13, 2006
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