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Horror of thousands taken from their familiimprisoned tortured an murdered f their organ because the are conside enemies of Chinese stathe m ies, d, nd for ns.. ey ered ate; Author's shocking claims in book written after speaking to dozens of refugees around the world.

Byline: Billy Briggs

A CHINESE woman is tortured in a medieval style, hung from a ceiling like a piece of meat.

The harrowing scene takes place in a lonely warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

"She tried to keep it together but started screaming and some dog somewhere would start barking. The guards would laugh and say, 'That dog is the only one who can hear you screaming'," said author Ethan Gutmann.

The harrowing story of "Lotus" is just one of many alleged in a shocking new book by Gutmann, called The Slaughter.

The book will be published in August and claims that mass murder is carried out by the Chinese state.

Gutmann's investigation alleges that China has a secret programme to kill internal political opponents.

And the 55-year-old American says that tens of thousands of Falun Gong, Tibetans and Uighurs have been imprisoned and murdered for their organs.

The horrific practice is called organ harvesting. China denies that this takes place.

Grace Song is a 43-year-old lawyer, who was born in Inner Mongolia, China. She arrived in the UK on January 23 this year and claimed political asylum.

Song came to Britain with her 11-year-old daughter after she was imprisoned in China because she practised Falun Gong. She will tell her story to Glasgow University students tonight. She said: "After two years of being illegally imprisoned in a forced labour camp, I was under surveillance by the authorities."

Song, who began to practise Falun Gong in June 2001, was kidnapped on May 7, 2010, and taken to the detention centre of Chaoyang, Beijing.

From there she was moved to Beijing Women's Forced Labour Camp where she claims she suffered physical and mental abuse.

She said: "The guards tried to pressure me by mistreating others in the same dark, cold prison cell.

"Manipulating the time for sleep is a typical torture and they didn't allow me to have a shower or time. On d me r hand, ned to wash my clothes for along tthe one hand, they tortured physically. And on the other three policemen were assign'transform' me.

took d what me was, Falun ased'. the o do ople who ditional "These three policemen turns to interrogate me and they often said to threaten m'If you don't stop practising Gong you will never be rele"Like all other people in tlabour camp, I was forced to extremely heavy labour. Peorefused were subject to addmistreatment and torture.

"I lost my family life durintwo years' imprisonment. Dthose 730 days, I tried not to my family, especially my daugutmann spoke to the Da RECORD during a visit to Scoaddress student members ong the During o think of ughter." aily otland to of Amnesty International at Edinburgh University.

The Slaughter was a result of interviews with top-ranking police and doctors who said they killed prisoners on the operating table.

Gutmann travelled to Australia, East Asia, Europe, Canada and the US and interviewed around 50 Chinese refugees. Most were members of the banned Falun Gong spiritualist movement.

Falun Gong mixes qigong exercises and meditation with moral philosophy but the Chinese Communist Party claim it is a dangerous cult and outlawed it for "illegal activities" in 1999.

Hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong are said to have been imprisoned in labour camps in an attempt to "correct" their views.

Gutmann estimates that around 65,000 members of the group have been killed for their organs.

Trading in human organs is illegal in China, but the black market has flourished over the past decade.

Human rights groups allege that hospitals in China raise funds by selling kidneys and livers, and claim organs are taken from death row prisoners, including Falun Gong.

Gutmann said: "A middle estimate would be about 65,000 Falun Gong harvested between 2000 and 2008.

"After that the picture gets much more murky because less Falun Gong were coming out of China due to the crackdown on passports" Gutmann has given evidence on organ harvesting to the UN, the US Congress, Westminster and the Scottish Parliament. "There are families all over China who have lost people and have no idea where they are, they have simply disappeared into thin air," he said.

"When I came to Scotland previously, three to four years ago, little attention was paid but that's changed drastically over the last year-and-a-half.

"Now you have the Government in Edinburgh seriously looking at doing something, or at least curtailing tourism to China.

"China has been harvesting from regular criminals for years - and they admit that. They've been doing that since the 80s, even the late 70s.

"The decision to start organ harvesting prisoners of conscience - political and religious prisoners - was a technical triviality all that mattered was even more secrecy. So then the real question is why a state like China - that wants to be part of the family of nations - would take such a crazy risk? "I spent an entire chapter on an interview I did with the head of a labour camp, who ran a notorious camp for Falun Gong women.

"And I go through everything that happened there and his thoughts. I believe a story emerges of the mindset he had and why people go along with this a kind of venality of evil story."

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in London said: "As an ordinary Chinese citizen, I recommend you go to visit China and see with your own eyes if China is really like what is described. Only in this way can the lies be exposed."

Philosophy sparked a state clampdown | FALUN Gong combines slow-moving exercises, meditation andaphilosophyofself-cultivation.

IT was introduced to China by Master Li Hongzhi and became a big hit, the movements being practised in parks by thousands of people every morning.

BY 1999 the government sought to wipe it out, with allegations of persecution against practitioners, including torture, killing and even organ harvesting of victims.

THE Chinese government claims Falun Gong is a menace to society. Its followers say it is simply a movement for self-improvement.

PROTESTFALUN Gong followers have tried to raise awareness around the globe


POLITICAL PRISONERS Falun Gong prisoners captured on a forced march

RAISING STAKES Grace has organised a rally to put pressure on China

ESCAPE Grace Song fled to Britain with her daughter earlier this year

CLAIMS Writer Ethan Gutmann

DEMO Falun Gong members stage a protest in Sydney
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