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Aries March 21- April 21 This week's total eclipse will have great significance for your career and ambitions, so strong communications and solid decisions are important. As Venus makes its way into Gemini, it will change your pace of life. However, just before you dive into the mele, take a step back and have a good look before letting loose with your emotions. You're heading into a busy time, so get ready to sparkle. Try to - make time for love.

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Leo July 24 - Aug 23

Issues over work need your total attention. Mars in Taurus connecting to Saturn in your money zone gives you strength and confidence, so you'll know where you're heading. Thanks to Saturn's influence, others will be left in no doubt what you're after. Watch out for people with ulterior motives. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes and keep your secrets to yourself.

Try to - keep your own counsel. For more, call 09058 171505*

Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23

You're being mysterious and enigmatic. But clear decisions need to be made over your home life. To ensure you reach the right decisions, you may have to start from your core, possibly even way back to your childhood, to understand what makes you tick. This week's eclipse helps you clear deadwood. Career news may be shocking, but you won't let it hold you back.

Try to - remember love is two-way. For more, call 09058 171507*

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 22

Money issues and evaluating your own worth come high on your agenda. You'll start your week feeling emotional but you know decisions need to be made on the money front. A communication contains information that rocks you but you won't let it put you off your stride. You're focused on the long term, so hang on in. Venus in your partnership house brings love. . Try to - get ready to be swept off your feet.

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Taurus April 22 - May 21

Your canny nature is to the fore and others are left in no doubt as to what you mean. This week's total eclipse reminds you to be strong and stalwart. Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto brings up family issues and decisions need to be made. Venus leaving your sign and entering Gemini will bring big changes. You now need to put yourself first emotionally. Get yourself at the top of the list. Try to - spend only what you have. For more, call 09058 171502*

Gemini May 22 - June 21

A brutally honest look at the long term is vitally important. Take an objective look at everyone and jettison those who drain you. Once you're free of negative influences you'll be amazed at how quickly you can move on. Be honest over situations which have got you down recently. Advances over finances are coming but don't spend before you get the cash. Venus brings love.

Try to - take nothing at face value. For more, call 09058 171503*

Cancer June 22 - July 23

You've taken the brave step of looking at partnerships and you're glad you have. The Moon, your ruling planet, has its annual eclipse, this time in Capricorn, where it meets Pluto, giving you the steely determination to rid yourself of what no longer matters. Mercury joins the Sun and helps you pinpoint where you're going now. Venus in Gemini helps you look at love more realistically. Try to - ignore off remarks. For more, call 09058 171504*

Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23

The move of Venus into Gemini puts you in a strong position where authority figures are concerned. Creatively and professionally, no one can touch you, but be aware major decisions need to be made - and quickly. The eclipse turns things in your favour. Others may be left reeling but you'll do what it takes to reach your goals. Time to stand out from the crowd. Try to - use an iron first in a velvet glove to get what you want.

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Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22

As Venus leaves your partnership zone, it will help you see the long term more clearly. The eclipse will confirm you'd be right to take a stand over the things that are important to you now. Mercury in the travel zone propels you into the itchy feet syndrome and you may soon be making plans to get away from it all. But now is not the time to be making any moves relating to your abode.

Try to - keep fantasy at bay. For more, call 09058 171508*

Capricorn Dec 23 - Jan 20

The eclipse in your sign puts you in a strong position, offering unexpected opportunities to move ahead and change everything to your satisfaction. Pluto with Mercury opposing it tells you to expect these changes to come via communications. Be ready for it.

Jupiter's backward motion with Neptune keeps your imagination fired over finances. A friend tells you they're in love.

Try to - keep it real. For more, call 09058 171510*

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

No matter what pressures you've been under recently, revelations this week make you feel it's all been worth it. The backward motion of Jupiter collides with Neptune and tells you to expect new options and opportunities at both work and play. Even chances you missed out on in the past will present themselves again. Venus in Gemini puts a positive slant on your emotional life.

Try to - focus on new beginnings.

For more, call 09058 171511*

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

This week's eclipse means you'll need to make major decisions over what you want long term. Events over the next few weeks will bring clarity, even direction, so stop worrying. Read between the lines of what younger people are telling you as they need your input over something. The opposition of Mercury to Pluto is vitally important where communications are concerned, so pin back your ears. Try to - enjoy your abode.

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