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Horoscope; The Astrology Murders.

Georgia Frontiere; HOROSCOPE; Violet Mountain Press (Fiction: Mystery) 14.95 ISBN: 9780990310136

Byline: Allyce Amidon

Georgia Frontiere's Horoscope is a thrilling race against time, as a serial killer obsessed with astrology terrorizes the east coast. Women are turning up dead, tied together by the astrological symbols carved into their legs. And Kelly York, an agoraphobic "intuitive astrologer," finds herself playing cat and mouse with a man intent on revenge. The only thing the police are certain of is that a man in Kelly's life is responsible. And when anyone could be the killer, everyone starts to look suspicious.

Frontiere does a superb job of building suspense, as chapters shift between Kelly, the police, and the killer. Pulling from the same sense of entrapment as Rear Window, Kelly's fear is both palpable and real. Though the book suffers from a tendency to tell instead of show, the chapters from the killer's perspective are spine-tinglingly creepy and especially well written. With plenty of plot twists, the ending is one you'll never see coming.

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Author:Amidon, Allyce
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 27, 2014
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