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Hormone-releasing vaginal contraceptive ring.

Introductory trials of a vaginal ring which releases levonorgestrol at a low rate of 20 micrograms per day will be available in introductory trials later this year.

The ring, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) can be left in place for as long as three months, an advantage over rings releasing both an estrogen and a progestogen, which have to be removed once a month for withdrawal bleeding. The ring is available like condoms or diaphragms and can be inserted and removed by the woman herself. Further advantages include that the whole amount of the hormone reaches the target organs, rather than being metabolized in the liver like the pill.

India and China have expressed interest in having trials start in 1991-92.

--From Entre Nous, No. 16, 1990, published by the European Family Planning Magazine WHO regional office, Copenhagen, Denmark. Reported in WGNRR, No. 34, Jan-March 1991.
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Publication:Special Delivery
Date:Sep 22, 1991
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