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Horizontal Technology Inc.

Horizontal Technology Inc. (HTI) exhibited the DataTrax Cad Steering System and the Viper Series RockReamer.

The DataTraX Cad Steering System dramatically changes the set up and use of magnetic steering tools including as-built report capabilities. The system is AutoCAD compatible, allowing for easier set up and improved tracking accuracy.

The DTX steering system offers the user a wide range of flexibility. The system has been used to hit a 1-foot target at 190 feet deep, intersect oncoming bores or drill between existing lines. When precise accuracy is less an issue, the job can be set up with a single wire stretched over the entire length of the bore. When set up properly, the DTX system can of ten exceed [+ or -] 1 percent of the depth. The recorded data can be converted to AutoCAD and is GIS compatible. Perhaps the best feature is that there are no costly footage fees.


For HDD jobs where enlarging the pilot hole is often the most expensive project cost, the new Viper and Jumbo Viper RockReamer were designed to address this problem by providing longer life, better penetration and smoother operation with enhanced cutter security.

The Viper Series RockReamer improves penetration rates while extending cutter life. Larger cutters and greater arm clearance improve strength and down-hole life, lowering contractor per-foot costs. It comes with replaceable cutters and arms and can be customized to the contractor's needs with field replaceable cutters or weld-on cutters and arms. The tool has strategically placed forward and rear jets.


The Viper RockReamer cutter is secured in place with an internal, protected boss on the top and bottom of the cutter. Even with worn bearings and hours of abuse, the cutter will not separate from the body unless the arm is worn and broken.

"That is where the Viper gets even better," said John English, president, Horizontal Technology Inc. "Split bit arms are only slightly under gage and are very thin. The cuttings, always present, on the bottom of !MD holes consistently eat away at the cutter gage and back of the arm causing premature weakening, fatigue and failures. The steel on the Viper arm is noticeably larger and thicker creating the most secure cutter possible. When you combine the strength and added gage clearance with the toughest, largest hard metal
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Date:Mar 1, 2014
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