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Horatio's Drive.

Dayton Duncan & Ken Burns. 2003. Read by the authors and a supporting cast. 3 cds. 3 hrs. Books on Tape. 0-73669539-7 $32.00. Vinyl: content notes. JSA *

What fun. and a must for history buffs! This production tells the story of 31-year-old Vermont doctor Horatio Jackson, who. in 1903, on a $50 bet, decided to cross the country--San Francisco to New York--in an open-air Winston car. He undertook this first-ever cross-county road trip with a companion mechanic, Sewall Crocker, and a bit later, a goggle-wearing bulldog named Bud. The story is told in author narrative, in excerpts from Jackson's letters to his wife, and in archival newspaper accounts of the towns they passed though.

Actors, including Tom Hanks, read the letters, telegrams, and newspaper accounts. Lively period music provides enjoyable interludes between narration and excerpts. The overall effect is a spirited and funny account of a quintessentially American adventure. Burns and Duncan provide additional historical facts and philosophical musings on the meaning of travel, movement, and the open road on the American psyche. They share personal accounts of family road trips and throw in some exultant poetry by Walt Whitman. This mixed bag of media is an auditory delight that will engage young and old alike. (This title is also currently airing on some public television stations.) Nancy C. Chaplin, Libn., VCCW, Powhatan, VA
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Author:Chaplin, Nancy C.
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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