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Horace Philipp.

Horace Philipp, Montreal Society's Director, passed away November 2, 2003 at the age 74.

Mr. Philipp received a B.S. Degree from Sir George Williams College in 1950 and a B.A. Degree in 1954. In 1961 he received an M.B.A. Degree from McGill University. In industry, Mr. Philipp was a senior paint chemist for Sherwin-Williams in Montreal and was with the federal government as a technical officer from 1988 to his retirement in 1998 with the Department of National Defense and Public Works. A longtime member of the Montreal Society, of which he was President in 1969, Mr. Philipp was named a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada in 2002 in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of coatings technology. He was also an Honorary Member of both the Montreal and Toronto Societies.


In addition to having one of the longest tenures on the FSCT Board of Directors (1976-94 and 1996-2003), Mr. Philipp was a member of the FSCT Executive Committee in 1982-84, Chair of the Membership Committee from 1967-78 and 1984-89, Chair of the Paint Show Committee in 1983, and a member of the Corrosion Committee.

He is survived by his wife, Lilyan; three stepchildren, a brother, and six step-grandchildren.
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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