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Hopkins research finds beneficial alcohol use.

Hopkins research finds beneficial alcohol use

An excerpt from the "John Hopkins Medical Journal" by way of Gene Ford's The Moderation Reader explains that alcohol use may be effective in treating some elderly patients.

According to the Journal, "Moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages have been recognized as useful therapeutic agents for the aged for centuries. Only during the last two decades, however, have investigators attempted to conduct controlled studies of the effects of small amounts of alcohol on geriatric patients.

"Kastenbaum and Slater observed the effects of wine and beer on elderly patients at various levels of impairment. Social interaction at the sessions increased markedly under both conditions but was more evident when the patients received wine," the study said.

"In another study in the series, Volpe and Kastenbaum, following a one-month observation period, gave a daily bottle of beer and TLC (tender loving care) to 34 senile men in Cushing Hospital ward; psychotropic medication was reduced and no longer required. The number of incontinent men dropped from 26 to nine; and the number of ambulatory patients rose from seven to 25.

"At Boston State Hospital, Chien carried out a study in which beer was offered to geriatric patients in a pub atmosphere. The beer group showed most improvement."

Finally, the Journal concluded, "Taken together, studies support the belief among many medical practitioners that small daily amounts of alcohol can improve the quality of life for the elderly."
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Title Annotation:John Hopkins Medical Journal
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 30, 1990
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