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Hopes rise for the Allies.

There was good reason to believe the outcome of the war was steadily turning in favour of the Allies, the Observer said in an editorial 100 years ago.

The re-organised Italian Army, aided by British and French troops, had withstood a longprepared offensive by Germany's allies in the conflict, Austria-Hungary.

German forces had made "substantial" gains during their latest push on the Western Front.

But the advances did not justify the boosts , made by their commanders before the attacks, that German troops would be in Paris by the beginning of May.

"Midsummer Day has come and gone and every week that passes sees the Allies stronger and better prepared to meet the Germans on the battlefields of France and Flanders," added the paper.

The "courage and confidence of the French nation" and "magnificent fighting qualities of the French Army" offered the hope that offensives by Austria-Hungary and German would come to nothing.

The Observer speculated that if Austria-Hungary collapsed, Germany would have to divert food and troops to prop up the area as it was understood to be riven by famine, strikes and riots.

"Germany cannot afford to see a revolution in Austria ," explained the paper. "That would cut her off from Bulgaria and Turkey and end all her dreams."

In contrast, the picture on the Allies side was brighter.

"The Motherland and Dominions were never so united and so determined to fight out the war to a victorious finish. The submarine peril is defeated, our food position is improving and the Americans are coming over in their hundreds and thousands.

"As time goes on the American effort will put on an ever accelerated speed and if the Allies can hold out it should not be long before the initiative passes into their hands."

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
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Date:Jun 29, 2018
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