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Hopefully now the truth will come out; emails &letters.

LET US hope that the documents released to the Hillsborough Panel will finally reveal what exactly went on.

We should remember that central to the problem was the Government's reaction to the tragedy, which was secrecy. Within hours of the disaster a well-oiled propaganda machine was in action.

Favours were called in and quiet words in certain ears proved productive. The families of the 96 wer e at a disadvantage from the moment the papers hit the streets the next day, as the lies and misinformation were published. Boundaries were set in stone, the police, the establishment and the press on one side. Working class football fans castigated as alcoholfuelled hooligans on the other. The more often the lies were told, the more difficult it became to obtain the truth. Faced with decades of political indifference and legal skullduggery, the families and supporters met with more closed doors and refusals.

The trait of doggedness and determination is second nature to a Scouser, which has proved to be decisive in the search for the truth. Let this be the case.

Bob Roberts, Birkenhead
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 24, 2011
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