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Hope you appreciate it, Rod... WE paid for it.


SO multi-millionaire Rod Stewart is planning on sailing back to Britain for his kids to enjoy the benefits that he's never wanted to contribute towards.

"We love coming back here," Rod said in a new interview.

I imagine he loves it because his luxury Essex home is safe and peaceful compared with gun-toting Los Angeles.

And because we have beautiful parks and clean streets. And we have a (largely) free National Health Service.

And we still have a welfare system (despite the Coalition's best efforts).

And because of this we don't have large sections of our population homeless and roaming the streets.

And we have a state school system which turns out kids with enquiring minds. And we have, we still have, society.

Which is what WE pay our taxes for every month.

But not tax exile multi-millionaire (did I mention that earlier) Rod Stewart.

He wants the society, but not the bill.

The rest of us have picked up that.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 19, 2014
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