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Hooray for hybrids.

* Permit me to add one last thought to Rich Heffern's insightful article on hybrid cars (Ecology section, NCR, June 17): Despite what you may have read in the managed news, a hybrid car costs less to own and operate than the alternative.

When I purchased my first Prius hybrid in 2001, I received a $2,000 tax credit. When I recently purchased a 2005 hybrid, several friends and relatives offered to buy the old car, which was in mint condition, for up to 80 percent of what I originally paid for the 2001. In other words, the depreciation was negligible compared to most other vehicles. Usually I fill up my hybrid's gas tank every 400-500 miles, and this has averaged about $15.

But even if there were no tax credit and if there were minimal resale value, I still would have purchased hybrids in 2001 and 2005. Like Mr. Heffern, I discovered an elevated experience when driving such a car. Also, when I own and drive a hybrid, I have the distinct feeling that I am doing something patriotic for my country.

Shame on the Big 3 decision makers for not having being first to market hybrids in this country or at least to license the technology and offer this option on their vehicles by 2000. The Prius has been sold in Japan since 1997.

If there is a Nobel Prize for revolutionary innovation, I would nominate the team that produced the first Prius.


Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
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Date:Jul 15, 2005
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