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Hook block news.


Some Lube Will Do

Without lube, the block's sheaves, trunnion and thrust bearings can seize up. That causes excessive wear and tear on the crane hoist cables and hook block sheaves.

For smooth crane operation, lube the hook block with GAA monthly or every 100 hours of use like it says on Page 1-4-9 of TM 5-3810-307-24-1-1.

Grease Fitting Caps

Once you finish lubing, how 'bout using protective caps on the hook block's grease fittings?

These caps keep the fittings clean and unclogged. It's easier to take a cap off when it's time to lube the fitting than it is to replace the fittings when they won't take grease.

Caps will keep the fittings clean and help keep sand and grit out when you lube the block.

You can order protective caps with NSN 4730-00-289-8148.

Hoist Block Wire Rope

You'll look at least once, probably twice, trying to find the wire rope (cable) for the crane's hoist. The cable is shown as Item 89 on Page 340 of TM 5-3810307-24P. The NSN is not in the technical manual, so order NSN 4010-01-477-3812 to get the cable.
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