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Hood is mauled by the Lyons; GUN PLOT CROOK BATTERED IN PRISON YARDCrime family suspected of ordering attack on rival thug.

Byline: Norman Silvester

A thug jailed for his part in a plot to execute a member of the Lyons crime clan has been attacked in prison.

Steven Wilkinson, 44, was locked up for six years after police caught him with a Czechmade Skorpion sub-machine gun, ammunition and silencer in a car.

His arrest was part of a police crackdown on organised crime, aimed at the deadly feud between the Daniel and Lyons crime families that had seen several people shot or maimed in the previous six months.

Detectives believe the gun was to be used by a Daniel hitman to kill a senior member of the Lyons family.

Wilkinson was targeted while he walked in the exercise yard of Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow shortly before midday.

It is believed to have been ordered by the Lyons as revenge for Wilkinson's part in the planned Skorpion hit.

Sources say up to three young prisoners carried out the attack, in which Wilkinson was repeatedly punched, kicked and stabbed with a pen.

After receiving medical treatment for his injuries, Wilkinson was transferred to Low Moss prison, near Bishopbriggs, for his own safety. It is understood that he has declined to make an official complaint to police about the attack, which took place late last month.

One jail insider said: "The Lyons knew that the Skorpion was to be used in an attack on one of them.

"As Wilkinson was holding the gun, he clearly had a big part to play.

"This was their way of letting him know that he is not safe, even in a prison exercise yard."

Wilkinson was transferring the Skorpion between safehouses when he was stopped by police last August in Springburn, Glasgow.

He was jailed at the city's High Court in December after admitting the firearms charges.

Before sentencing, Judge Lady Rae looked at the gun and said: "That's some weapon."

A Skorpion was used by Islamic State terrorist Amedy Coulibaly when he murdered five people, including a policeman, in Paris in January 2015.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gerry McLean, head of the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit, told the Sunday Mail after Wilkinson's arrest: "There is little doubt that in the last 24 hours we have stopped a significant amount of violence taking place with people possibly being shot and killed and endangering the wider safety of the public."

The Lyons gang are headed by Steven Lyons, who has been living in Spain since 2006.

The turf war between the rival organised crime groups has lasted almost two decades - but it erupted in January last year when Lyons gang member Ross Monaghan was shot in the shoulder. Several members of the Daniel gang have also been targeted.

The Skorpion has been used by terrorist groups including the IRA, Irish National Liberation Army and Italian Red Brigade.

Crime gangs in Britain are increasingly arming themselves with Skorpions and have been known to pay up to PS15,000 for one.

Police Scotland said: "We're investigating reports of an alleged assault on a 44-year-old male at Barlinnie Prison. Our inquiries are continuing."

The Scottish Prison Service added: "We do not comment on individual prisoners."

This was the gang's way of letting him know he's not safe, even in jail


transfer Wilkinson has been moved to Low Moss prison. Right, the Skorpion gun found in his car

targeted Wilkinson
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 11, 2018
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