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Honoring our own. (readerforum).

Of all the editorials I have read since the September 11 tragedy, Judy Wieder's column "Equal at Last" is by far the best [Letter From the Editor in Chief, October 23]. When I would hear of one of our community being a victim of this day, I felt a deep sense of loss. As Wieder said, in the end of the "human" cycle of life, one's sexuality just doesn't matter. We are all a part of humanity, we live and die as human regardless of gender, culture, race, religion, occupation, etc. Thank you for honoring our gay sisters and brothers whom we all lost during this tragedy and for reminding us of our continued mission for equality.

Teresa Voorhees, Franklin, Ind.

I walked by your "Gay Heroes" issue at least four times before picking it up. I had been looking for something gay to read but didn't want to be hit over the head by some gay writers who wanted to turn the attacks into a "gay thing." So time and again, I'd put the issue down and walk away.

Then the next time I saw the issue, something grabbed me, and I opened it, landing on Judy Wieder's letter. There they were. My concerns. My criticisms. My dilemma. And, most important, the undeniable reasons why we must honor these gay men, women, and families. Thank you for your clarity.

Charles Perez, Miami, Fla.

What an amazingly perfect answer to the question I have asked myself, Does any of it matter? Toward the end of the summer I had decided to come out to my parents this October 11. After the horror in September and realizing that National Coming Out Day would land on the one-month anniversary, I thought, Why should I do this? After reading the letter by Judy Wieder, I knew why.

Michael Fouquette, Saugus, Calif.
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Author:Fouquette, Michael
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Nov 20, 2001
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