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Honoria, Rome & America.

Regarding Taylor Caldwell's story "Honoria" (October 6 issue), I am familiar with her writing and her style. So it is that in reading the opening paragraph of her story I knew "Honoria" would be Rome. And as I read further I knew that our United States fits the picture of the "Rise of Empire," described by Garet Garrett in his book The People's Pottage, published in 1953 by The Caxton Printers Ltd.

In answer to Taylor Caldwell's question in her final paragraph, may I quote from Mr. Garrett: "One must see that on the road to Empire there is soon a point from which there is no turning back."

It is interesting that three weekly news magazines had articles including the word "Empire," with reference to the United States.


Temple, Texas

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Title Annotation:Letters To The Editor
Author:Thompson, John
Publication:The New American
Date:Nov 3, 2003
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