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Honor roll of contributors in 2012 to Midstream.

Here is our honor list of readers who made tax-deductible contributions to Midstream in 2012. It also includes several contributions from friends of Midstream made in January 2013 in memory of Sylvia Haber. Future contributions will be listed in a later issue. If your name has been misspelled or left out inadvertently from this list, please let us know. Do not be bashful. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed in a year of enormous financial stress for Mid, ream and many of its readers alike. We therefore appreciate every bit of help, no matter the size of the contribution. Your commitment to the survival of this unique American/Jewish/Zionist intellectual journal is admirable. May you continue to have the means and the desire to do so in good health ad me'ah v'esrim.

Individual letters of thanks listing specifics have been or will be sent out in a timely manner. If you have not received one dated 2012 after having made a contribution this year, please let us know immediately with the details that we may have somehow misplaced or overlooked. The letters are important. They can be used for tax purposes, but they are also a sign of our gratitude to our faithful supporters. Todah rabbah.

FRIEND: $36 TO $99

Anonymous, New York, NY

Asher, Dan & Alice, Cotuit, MA

Bell, Gloria, New York, NY *

Berman, Sam, West Palm Beach, FL

Berson, Deane, Cascade, CO

Brown Sylvia & Philip Olivetti, Saver Spring, Md

Bruck, David & Tanya, San Juan, PR

Calmas, Sandra, Chestnut Hill, MA

Charney, Carole, New York, NY *

Cooper, Maggie, New York, NY

Danzig, Juliet & Selig, Fairfield, CT

Epstein, Nathan H., Monsey, NY

Falik, Deborah, New York, NY

Falk, Deborah, New York, NY

Gardner, Harris, Somerville, MA

Gelbart, David, Las Vegas, NV

Glenwick, David, New York, NY

Golomb, Betty B., New York, NY

Grant, D. A., Richmond, VA

Gregg, Marjorie, Bozeman, MT

Haddad, Dr. Heskel M., New York, NY

Holtz, David & Diane-Glatt, Northbridge, CA

Horvitz, Mr. & Mrs. Ephraim E, Fall River, MA

Isler, Marilyn, New York, NY

Kaplan, Rabbi Louis, W. Allingford, PA

Lashinsky, Francine, Hollis, NY

Leitner, Amos, Wichita, KS

Lutch, Julia, Davis, CA

Miller, Bella, Forest Hills, NY

Morgenroth, Arthur, New York, NY

Morris, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel, Leawood, KS

Pekeiner, Alan D., New York, NY

Rosenstein, Rita, New York, NY *

Rosenthal, Rabbi Gilbert, Needham, MA

Rosenthal, Jerome, Longboat Key, FL

Rothschild, Harriet R., Plainfield, NJ

Sachs, Stephen, Clifton, VA

Saks, Carl, Bellmore, NY

Saleh, Marcia, Brooklyn, NY *

Shapiro, Lynn, Glencoe, IL

Silver, Martin, Lenox, MA

Speter, Moshe, Stamford, CT

Sternbach, A., Pamona, NY

Stemlieb, Moses, West Palm Beach, FL

Ticktin, Harold, Shaker Heights, OH

Weinberg, Mr. & Mrs. Herman, Sarasota, FL

Wtlkins, R. D., Syracuse, NY

Zucker, Rabbi David J., Aurora, CO

SUPPORTER: $100 to 499

Anonymous, San Rafael, CA

Baker, Beverly, Bloomfield I-Fills, MI

Barnett, Ken & Yelba, Deerfield Beach, FL

Brackman, Harold, San Diego, CA

Caron, Herbert & Blanche, Cleveland, OH

Fergenson, Everett & Larain, Tenafly, NJ

Fisher, Bev & Herb, Ocean Grove, NJ

Glantz, Howard K., Elkins Park, PA

Glaser Fund, Herb & Sharon, Beverly Hills, CA

Greenfield, Evelyn, North Baldwi, NY

Joffe, Gerardo c/o FLAME, San Francisco, CA

Kabakow, Dr. Bernard, Ithaca, NY

Kamiusky, Phyllis & Sam, Chevy Chase, Md

Kerker, Reva & Milton, Thousand Oaks, CA

Koch, Arnold W., Kerrville, TX

Kogan, Rabbi Barry Cincinnati, OH

Minsk, Malcolm N. & Betty, Atlanta, GA

Mushabac, Jane, New York, NY

Oppenheimer, Eric J., Woodmere, NY

Pallone, Jill & Bob, Switzerland *

Pollak, Isaac, New York, NY

Pollock, Benjamin, San Francisco, CA

Rapaport, Joseph, New York, NY

Reich, Seymour D., New York, NY

Rieders, Clifford A., Williamsport, PA

Rossini, Brenda, Winnetka, IL

Roth, Ronald & Sheree, Palo Alto, CA

Segal, Arthur, Springville, AL

Siegelman, Philip, Berkeley, CA

Sidman, Alan & Shaaman Yoffe Sidman, Brooklyn, NY

Spector, David M., Chicago, IL

Temple Beth Elohim (Rabbi's discretionary fund), Paterson, NY

Triebwasser, Joseph, New York, NY *

Wall, Norman M. & Faye, Heathrow, FL

Weinraub, Martin, Larchmont, NY

Wolsky, Sumner P., Boca Raton, FL

Young, Mary M. T., Albuquerque, NM

ASSOCIATE: $500 to $999

Burack, Daniel & Carole, Harrison, NY

Cohen, Avern, Birmingham, MI

Fox, Muriel & Martin, Millburn, NJ

Kalkin, Eugene W., Bernardsville, NJ

PATRON: $1,000 to $4,999

Anonymous, New York, New York

BENEFACTOR: $5.000 and above

* In memory of Sylvia Haber

To those who would like to join our faithful group of contributors noted above and make a tax-deductible contribution, here are the simple details. Please make checks payable to The Theodor Herzl Foundation / Midstream, and address your contributions to: The Theodor Herzl Foundation / Midstream, 633 Third Avenue / 21st Floor, New York, NY 10017. Once again, todah rabbah, many thanks for your generosity and for your support of Midstream.. Leo Haber, Editor
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Title Annotation:Honor Roll
Author:Haber, Leo
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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