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Honor and support those in uniform.

Our prayers go out daily for our brave men and women in uniform, protecting our freedom. Our Greendale Retired Men's Club, of which I am a member, opens its weekly meetings with several color guards, including one flag bearer. With an average of over 150 men weekly, we sing one song from a branch of the service followed by singing "The Star-Spangled Banner'' and giving the pledge of allegiance to our beloved American flag. This is a thrilling experience that sends the chills up one's spine and makes one appreciate our veterans and those currently serving our nation to keep us free.

At the Greendale Y we have special tributes for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor Day and acknowledge all those who have served.

My wife and I belong to RSVP, a volunteer organization, and once a month we meet at the Worcester Senior Center and write letters to our service people. This is a very rewarding experience everyone ought to enjoy.

When meeting someone you know who is currently serving or is a veteran be sure to thank them for their service.

Our security and freedom depends on a strong and well-supported military. They need our strong support.

Pray for them daily and do anything you can to let them know you appreciate everything they have done to keep our nation safe and free.



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Date:Dec 18, 2014
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