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Honolulu kitchen expanded inside and out.

Open space was the goal of this kitchen remodel--space to cook, to dine, to entertain. To achieve it, Honolulu architect James Pearson gutted the tightly clustered kitchen, study, and utility room to create one large area, then added a screened porch that opens along one side.

The old living room wall was replaced with a tiled counter that serves as an informal buffet, bar, and dining spot. A 4-1/2-foot-wide walkway sts off the buffet from an L-shaped island of cabinets defining the main kitchen.

From the buffet back to the rear kitchen wall, Pearson raised the ceiling to roof height, spanning the space with 4-by-4 king-post trusses; pairs of 2-by-6s are bolted along the bottoms. He sheathed the ceiling with 1-by-6 tongue-and-groove cedar. To replace the load-bearing walls, he installed 4-by-4 posts and 4-by-10 headers.

Storage is abundant. Bordering the L-shaped tiled sink counter and butcher-block work counter, cabinets house eight compact garages for baking ingredients, knives, herbs, and small appliances. Cabinets facing the porch and buffet hold table linen, tableware, and infrequently used cookware. The rear wall accommodates the refrigerator, commercial range, and more cabinets.

The new porch is an 11- by 15-foot box with a shed roo of bronze-tinted plexi-glass and a concrete floor. To anchor the screen walls, Pearson used 4-by-4 posts with 2-by-4 and 2-by-6 framing. To temporarily close off the porch from the kitchen, a heavy canvas curtain rolls down and ties with cords.
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Date:Jan 1, 1986
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