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Hong Kong : Non-destructive test result of the first opening up location in the second stage of holistic assessment strategy for Hung Hom Station Extension under Shatin to Central Link Project.

In response to media enquiries, the Transport and Housing Bureau (THB) said (December 19) that THB was informed of the rebar connection situation at the first opening up location in the second stage of the holistic assessment strategy for the Hung Hom Station Extension under the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) Project.

Based on the information provided by the coupler supplier, when a rebar is fully screwed into a coupler, there should be a maximum of two full threads exposed. Even if there are only two full threads exposed, a non-destructive test to determine the embedded length of the rebar in the coupler should also be conducted.

According to the preliminary inspection of the rebar connection at an opening up location at the platform slab in Area B of the East West Line, there are more than two full threads for all the three exposed coupler connections. The test result does not comply with the coupler supplier's standard, which specifies a maximum exposed part of two full threads.

Moreover, according to the preliminary result of the onsite non-destructive test, the embedded lengths of the three exposed threaded bars at the first opening up location are 29 millimetres, 34 millimetres and 34 millimetres respectively. The result can only be confirmed upon receipt of the formal test report from the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL).

According to the holistic assessment strategy of the MTRCL, upon completion of the opening up investigation under the second stage, in the third stage the MTRCL will consolidate test results of the first two stages, conduct a detailed structural analysis on the works for the Hung Hom Station Extension to ascertain if the overall structural integrity of the works is acceptable and determine if it is necessary to conduct strengthening works.

As regards the safety concerns during the opening up of concrete at the East West Line platform slab, the Government emphasises that site safety will not be compromised. In addition to the site walks conducted by the MTRCL, Government officers will also conduct site inspections to ensure strict enforcement of safety measures by all parties. As of today, there is no non-compliance with safety standards at relevant works sites. The Government and the MTRCL would continue to pay attention to and monitor the safety conditions at sites.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 3, 2019
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