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Honeywell introduces Solarc RPV for solar panels.

Honeywell Electronic Materials has expanded its line of Solarc anti-reflective coating materials to include a new formulation that allows for easier application and less material usage. The new product, called Honeywell Solarc RPV, is specifically designed to be applied through single-sided roller coating application, which is easier and allows panel manufacturers to use less material than alternative coating methods. Solarc materials are based on advanced materials used in semiconductor manufacturing. They are transparent coatings that improve the light transmittance through the glass that covers photovoltaic, or PV, panels, thus increasing the PV module efficiency and power output. These coatings also significantly reduce glare from the glass, allowing the PV panel to better blend with its surroundings. Honeywell's Solarc coatings reduce reflection, resulting in more light reaching the solar cell, which translates into higher power conversion. The new coating retains Solarc coating's advanced light transmittance and high durability. With single-sided applications, it also enables perfect index of refraction (RI) matching between air and glass, while avoiding RI mismatch at the glass and EVA interface seen on double-sided coatings. Demonstrating a four percent increase in transmittance at 550 nanometers, Solarc RPV coating has consistently produced three to 3.5 percent average transmittance gain across a broad solar spectrum that is relevant for PV cell operation, from 350 nanometers through 1,100 nanometers, according to the company. The new coating has also demonstrated durability in a broad variety of accelerated tests designed to imitate harsh environmental conditions to which a PV panel is likely to be exposed during its lifetime.
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Publication:Coatings World
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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