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Honeywell colour recognition system.

Honeywell Colour Recognition System

Honeywell Ltd has introduced the CS50 colour recognition system for use in a variety of applications like packaging, bottling, canning and liquid sample monitoring. We are told the system functions intelligently and 'taught' colours and tolerances by exposure to samples on-line.

In its simplest application, it functions as a go/no go colour detector on the production line, where it can actuate an external device to divert rejected product from the line. Such a unit can also be used for shade mapping and sorting so that a selected range only will be accepted. The standard CS50 unit measures light reflectance from the target, whilst an optical version measures transmission, for use with liquids. The sensor monitors reflectance through three different colour filters to sense the proportions of red, green and blue in the target colour. In its basic form, the unit comprises a sensor unit and fibre-optic cable which transmits both light from a tungsten source within the sensor to the target and the reflected light back to the sensor.

As can be seen, there are variants but the suppliers, of Honeywell House, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berks, tel: 0355 416240, will be pleased to provide full details.

PHOTO : Elements of the CS50 colour recognition system
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