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Honeysuckle that minds its manners.

Soft colors and a compact growth habit are this honeysuckle's strengths. You can grow 'Gold Flame' in a small space with confidence that it won't take over the way common Hall's honeysuckle would; stems rarely scramble more than 12 feet. Flowers are an unusual combination of rose-pink and gold, set off by bluish leaves. Its size and gentle coloring make 'Gold Flame' best suited to small spaces viewed up close--train it on a trellis or fence, or let it spill over rocks or a low wall. For the best flower display, choose a site where the vines are in bright sunlight but roots stay somewhat cool. To get full, bushy growth and more bloom, pinch back leggy shoots. Flowers appear from spring into fall; they have very little scent. In winter, all or most of the leaves fall off and the plant goes semidormant. Prune it within a few feet of the ground. When new growth emerges in spring, bait regularly for snails and slugs. Plants are hardy below 0[deg.]; they can grow in most of the West except colder areas of the Rocky Mountain states. You'll find 'Gold Flame' in the vine section of nurseries in 1- to 5-gallon cans; it is sometimes labeled by its scientific name, Lonicera heckrottii, or as 'Pink Gold Flame' or coral honeysuckle. Before mid-May (May 1 in mild-winter California), you can order it from Wayside Gardens, Hodges, S.C. 29695; (800) 845-1124.
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Date:May 1, 1984
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