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Honey 2 (PG) Rating: 4/10 Not so sweet.

ARRIVING eight years after the original Honey, with director Bille Woodruff still at the helm, this flat-footed dance sequel doesn't boast an original move.

Honey 2's ramshackle plot, thrown carelessly together by writers Alyson Fouse and Blayne Weaver, creaks almost as loudly as the wooden performances led by the remarkably inexpressive Katerina Graham.

Her gym-toned co-stars have clearly been chosen for their gymnastic abilities while Woodruff gradually builds to the obligatory climactic dance-off.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves rooting for the heroine's rivals instead.

The sequel opens in Brooklyn Juvenile Detention Centre, where Maria Ramirez (Graham) wiles away the hours in dance contests.

Released into the care of Connie Daniels (Lonette McKee), Maria finds herself drifting back towards bad boy Luis (Christopher Martinez), whose 718 crew are vying to retain their title on the televised Dance Battle Zone.

After it becomes clear that Luis will just drag her down again, Maria aligns herself with Brandon (Randy Wayne) and his ungainly dance crew comprising mother hen Lyric (Brittany Perry-Russell), impressionable Tina (Seychelle Gabriel), flirty Carla (Melissa Molinaro) and double-act Darnell (Tyler Nelson) and Ricky (Casper Smart).

As the televised heats begin, Maria faces her biggest test: to keep her new crew together and ignore the taunts from Luis and the 718.

Honey 2 doesn't deliver anything we haven't seen with considerable more polish elsewhere, but the pulsating dance floor fillers do turn up the temperature a notch ... to tepid.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 10, 2011
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